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The Challenge

Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire are an online retailer of premium bathroom products, supplying fixtures and fittings from major luxury brands. Founded in 1992, they’ve become the north’s leading independent bathroom supplies company and, with our help, created one of the UK’s leading bathroom retail sites.

They were already achieving good results, but we’re always on the lookout for growth, enhancement and improved ROI through specific channels.

The aim was to:

  1. Optimise their ongoing SEO campaigns
  2. Increase sales and revenue through PPC/Paid Social campaigns
  3. Maintain a strong return on investment

We spotted opportunities to increase conversions and add value to their paid ad campaigns, finding a competitive edge in the finer details of PPC advertising and SEO that are often overlooked.

Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire
  • 180% increase in revenue YoY from paid ads
  • 54% increase in transactions YoY
  • 28% increase in sessions from ads YoY

The Solution

We took a comprehensive look at Bathrooms Direct’s campaign performance to assess where granular refinements could be made. And our attention to detail made all the difference.

After replacing Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire’s previously successful Smart Shopping campaigns with new Performance Max ad campaigns we added more asset groups, categorised into product types, brands and individual ranges. This means that users are served highly relevant ads and are taken to specific Ecommerce pages directly relevant to their search term.

As well as creating a specific ‘Best Sellers’ campaign our PPC team also added audiences that directly target users who have previously reached competitors’ checkout pages, displaying ads to potential customers with high intent. This highly focused targeting allows ads to be shown to the right people who are actively in-market and can significantly increase conversion rates, reducing budget waste and lowering the overall cost per conversion.

Location, Location, Location

To help us analyse where sales are coming from, we added a full UK location breakdown to gather and refine data on which areas of the country account for the most revenue.

Next, we created and fully optimised asset extensions to increase ad relevance and the overall 'size' of Bathrooms Direct’s ads on user screens - including sitelinks, price extensions, structured snippets and callouts. We also added 'placement exclusions' on the Performance Max campaigns to prevent ads being shown in locations that have low conversions rates, such as gaming apps.

Providing Google with the most information possible about the products improves click-through rate and enhances customer experience - something that is often missed by competitors. 

Brand focus for SEO

Brand focus for SEO

As Bathrooms Direct is a large ecommerce site with over 2,000 brand and product pages, we had to carefully assess which pages were prime targets for optimisation. Through keyword research that examined levels of monthly search volume, looking at which queries led to the most non-branded clicks on the site and which pages had the most potential to drive revenue, we determined that focusing on brand pages would be the best way to maximise conversions.

When combined, these marginal gains then translated into a significant overall uptick in conversions, sales and revenue.


The outcome? Bathrooms Direct have seen a 39% increase in transactions and a 24% revenue boost, year on year.

Our PPC optimisations, spread across all aspects of Bathrooms Direct’s paid campaigns, led to:

  • 180% increase in revenue YoY from paid ads
  • 54% increase in transactions YoY
  • 28% increase in sessions from ads YoY
  • 25% increase in ROI YoY

This increased revenue has allowed Bathrooms Direct to maintain their position at the head of the market and we continue to support them with paid search, paid social and SEO to help them stay ahead of the competition.

What Bathrooms Direct said...

We’ve worked with Ascensor since 2016 and they have made a huge impact to our online business.

The team have been so professional in presenting us with new ideas to help grow our Google Ads, whilst providing us with regular feedback on current results so that we can monitor our performance and make the right decisions to improve our sales.

They keep us informed on new Google developments and updates to ensure we are fully equipped with the latest technology and are only phone call or email away for any questions we have. We would always recommend Ascensor to anyone who is looking to improve their online presence and sales.

Lauren Freeman Marketing Manager, Bathrooms Direct

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