Temp Rewards

We created a unique temporary worker app that gamifies work, improves team engagement and social mobility and uses nudge theory to help our client to convert and grow rapidly.

The Results

The app we created for Temp Rewards benefits both temps and employers, putting workers in control of their work-life balance and incentivising them to do their job well.

The integrated solutions we developed improved the efficiency of sourcing temporary staff, enhancing continuity of care for users and saving organisations time and money, with guaranteed temp capacity. 

The app and full branding project was completed within budget and allows Temp Rewards to proceed with their expansion plans.

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The Aim

The expert team of social care consultants behind Temp Rewards wanted to launch a multi-purpose app to help address the shortage of social care workers, and change perceptions around what a career as a temp professional can be.

They were looking for a solution that engages and rewards temps' interaction with their role, using gamification that allows them to earn ‘TempCoins’ as they do their job.

Capitalising on nudge theory and the expediential growth of the gamification phenomenon, the coins can be unlocked by registering, recommending friends, working more shifts, delivering high-quality care and gaining good ratings.

Users can then cash them in for rewards such as coffee vouchers, early and enhanced pay, day trips, gift vouchers and electronic goods. 

The app aims to improve social mobility in a sector where temps are usually paid at or around the national minimum wage level, using fun and interactive solutions to attract and retain more talent.

It also gives organisations access to motivated, high-quality temps and increased capacity and flexibility, improving service users’ continuity of care.

What We Did

After detailed consultation with Temp Rewards, Ascensor carried out UX research to help place people at the centre of the design process from the outset. 

Our research helped us prove and disprove assumptions, find target audience commonalities and recognise their needs and goals.

We gained access to Facebook groups dedicated to the care sector and conducted surveys, asking members if they would use an app of this kind, and what features they would want it to offer.

Our team conducted in-depth competitor research, focusing on other recruitment companies and gamification apps in order to design and develop branding for Temp Rewards.

This included creating a logo, promotional materials, brand colours, fonts, icons, brand guidelines, animations and brand story.

Next, the UX team held a workshop to map out user journeys for temp workers, clients and admins.

We completed a full wireframe of the app, including these customer journeys, and developed a full high-fidelity design prototype to click through and sign-off from the client.

The app development team produced web app and iOS/Android versions, each with admin and client views as well as the consumer-facing view and all seamlessly integrated with Salesforce APIs. 

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What Temp Rewards said...
Temp Rewards is an extremely exciting project and is revolutionising temp recruitment through using nudge theory and gamification.
AJ Recruitment is Temp Rewards’ first customer and they are already seeing temp engagement increase and productivity savings through the use of the application.
When we explained our brief to Ascensor they instantly understood our proposition and they have been instrumental in the design of the user experience which is key to any app getting traction.
Imran, Andy and the fantastic team at Ascensor have been 100% committed to our project and we now have a distinct advantage in the temp recruitment space!
Jo Guy, CEO Temp Rewards

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