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Leon & Company


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in online enquiries


Ranking positions for competitive local search terms

Leon & Company

Targeted SEO campaign enables local firm to compete with major players at the top of SERPs
Radar Healthcare

571% increase

in conversion rate on Book a Demo page from organic

49.7% increase

in overall on-site conversion

Organic conversions

now match PPC leads
Data Science

Radar Healthcare

Our work with Radar Healthcare delivered a huge conversion rate increase, with mind-blowing impact. Read our case study here.

Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing remains a versatile and vibrant way to instantly connect with your customers and prospects. As a key digital marketing channel in any strategy, email marketing is a quick and affordable way to build relationships as well as build your brand. Gone are the days of leaflets through the letterbox - having a humble marketing email land directly into a user's inbox is much more efficient and cost-effective. Plus it's way better for the environment!

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Email marketing
Why Us?

Why choose Ascensor as your email marketing agency?

Our data-driven approach ensures that your email marketing campaigns reach the right person at the right time. Ascensor's talented graphic design team will bring your brand to life by creating eye-catching email templates that get clicks and achieve good ROI, while our content marketing experts will create engaging copy that matches your brand tone and resonates with your clients. We'll take your email marketing strategy to the next level. From monthly newsletters to full marketing automation, we can develop the most effective strategy for your business.

Whether you're B2B or B2C, we'll create personalised and targeted campaigns that are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation guidelines (GDPR). When should digital marketing emails be sent? How do you grab the customer's attention? You won't need to worry... from the subject line to content, delivery time to automated follow-ups and video production, our expert email marketing agency team consider all the key factors that will give your email campaign the best chance of success.

Why choose Ascensor for email marketing?

We're a full service digital agency based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with over a decade of experience. We'll work alongside your business to create effective email campaigns that will connect with your customers and deliver results.

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Our email marketing agency services

Email marketing automation

We are Leeds-based email marketing automation experts, and we know that automating email delivery based on learned data and visitor actions yields outstanding results!

From abandoned basket and related item marketing for our Ecommerce clients, or prospect nurturing following data capture, marketing automation reduces administration time and improves effectiveness. Plus, with less time spent on the manual tasks, this leaves more time for you to spend growing your business in other ways.

Email template design

Our digital agency design team will work with you to create an engaging template that reflects your brand and gets across the right advertising message for your customers and prospects. With A/B testing a key part of content marketing, we can test different creative concepts to measure exactly what works with your target audience and what doesn't quite hit the spot.

Email marketing campaign delivery

Whether you're looking for a monthly newsletter, a campaign to push a new product or a nurture campaign for your leads, we deliver effective email marketing campaigns for clients across the United Kingdom and beyond. We're experts at transforming data to produce solid leads and more potential customers for you. We'll create an intelligent email marketing strategy and will schedule your email campaign to land in the inbox of your target audience at the most engaging times to boost your open rates.

Email copy creation

Ascensor's copywriting experts will create engagingcontent for your email marketing campaign. From an informative and appealing newsletterto A/B testing an engaging and punchy subject line, our content team will ensure thatthe copy in your marketing campaigns aims to increase open rates and encourageclick-throughs.

Database segmentation

Once your contacts are collected and set up within your email marketing automation platform, we'll segment them into lists for highly targeted campaigns. Our email marketing experts will work with you to divide your subscriber list into specific groups that will suit each tailored campaign.

Our email marketing agency services


A personal touch is the key to any customer's heart - that's why we add personalisation to the email content to take it the extra mile. If you're looking for an email campaign that drives lead generation, then the individualisation of your message to potential clients can be the difference between success and failure.

Testing & Optimisation

Marketing should never be guesswork. As a full service marketing agency we use A/B testing as part of our email marketing strategies in order to better understand what's working well with your customers and what isn’t. This then helps us to apply it to the next campaign, which results in a continually evolving and effective strategy.

Audience insights

One of the most important aspects of any successful strategy is regularly looking at the results and adapting the plan. That's why as a results-focused full service digital marketing agency, we always dive into the data and provide you with a monthly report so that you can see the performance for yourself!

Analytics & tracking setup

The key to any email campaign is simple - get results. Whether you're looking to increase traffic to your website, or to a specific sign-up link, our digital marketing experts can ensure that you know precisely where the campaigns are successfully driving the traffic to. We monitor campaign performance and ROI from the outset of any digital marketing strategy.

Reporting & data visualisation

Data is at the heart of all of our marketing services, because it truly is one of the most vital components of any digital strategy. Your report will analyse our email marketing services so that you can keep track of what's happening. Using key metrics, the Ascensor digital marketing team create monthly or bespoke campaign reports, highlighting the performance of your email marketing campaign and the impact it's having.

What are the benefits of email marketing in 2024?

Targeted messaging

One of the advantages of email marketing is that you can provide highly targeted messaging to achieve great engagement with subscribers. This is where data segmentation is key, so that we can deliver targeted emails with personalisation tailored to potential customers, for extra client impact.

High customer engagement

By contacting subscribers through email as part of your digital marketing efforts, you're guaranteed to be reaching out to an already-engaged audience. GDPR requires users to opt in to their email communications, which allows for much higher conversion rates and impressive customer engagement as they're already interested in what you have to say.

Grow sales & build loyalty with email campaigns

Email marketing can be used for a variety of purposes, from a monthly newsletter to a short-burst promotional email campaign. With so many ways to tailor a bespoke package, you can be sure of meeting your business objectives, whether you're aiming to grow sales or build customer loyalty.

Interested in how Ascensor Digital Agency can use email marketing services to drive your brand engagement and conversions?

If you're ready to ditch old, ineffective techniques used by some other marketing agencies and ready to enter a world of results-driven email marketing as you’ve never known it before, then get in touch with our email marketing agency today!

We work with leading brands to create high performing digital experiences and bring you more customers and more conversions. Ascensor combine email marketing with a full spectrum of marketing channels, including social media marketing, web design and web development.