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Magnet Kitchens

We made it simple for Magnet’s kitchen showroom teams to swiftly process new trade account details.

SEO Agency

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it's the process of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results (they're the ones beneath the paid adverts). These are the algorithmic results, where you can't just pay your way to the top. Google uses more than 200 ranking factors and made 3,620 changes to the search algorithm in 2019 alone. Our expert analysts know the importance of being up to date with the latest algorithm behaviour. We know what drives results.

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A results-driven SEO agency

We love insight

Ascensor is a results-driven SEO agency - we know this is what matters. We love data, we love analytics and we love getting under the hood of your website to see what will make the difference. But most of all, we love seeing results!

We're award-winning

We won Best Large Digital Agency of the Year 2021 for a reason. We're a friendly bunch, based in Leeds, who really love what we do. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we're also not afraid to bring other channels into the mix to ensure we provide ROI, with a host of online marketing services and search engine optimisation services to create the perfect package for you.

We love growth

Our SEO strategies are always created with one goal in mind - return on your investment. Our strategies use tactics that focus on driving the quickest growth to the areas of your website that will benefit your balance sheet most quickly.

Our SEO services

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation of any good SEO strategy. It's the baseline of SEO and ensures that website crawlers can understand your website clearly and efficiently. If the crawlers can't understand your website, they can't appreciate the great content you produce! Ascensor is a Leeds SEO agency with a love of technical SEO, but we also know how to prioritise what matters to ensure you get ROI from your bespoke SEO campaigns.

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On-page SEO

We'll ensure your on-page SEO is absolutely solid and the markup is in place to ensure the search engine crawlers can understand your document structure and the content you are presenting to them. Our SEO experts are always up to date with the latest algorithm updates and search trends, so we know what works with which search engines.

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Digital PR & link building

Our digital PR and link building services are different from your standard "SEO link building" approach offered by some SEO companies, because times have changed. Digital PR is about creating genuine exposure for your brand in a more traditional sense, but using more modern and sophisticated techniques to allow you to stand out and gain coverage as vying for journalists’ time becomes ever more competitive. We put together content marketing strategies that create real stories and engage with your new audience where they hang out.

Content creation and optimisation

Our content creation and optimisation services offer a range of content formats, dependent on the requirements of your website. We're well versed in creating commercial and service page content that pops, whilst also driving the right signals to appeal to the search engine algorithms. We can also create bespoke content strategies that engage readers and answer the questions your new customers want to find the answers to.

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SEO audits

Our award-winning SEO team are experts at conducting SEO audits - it's what we do every day. We can conduct in-depth technical SEO audits, content audits, toxic link audits, and link strategy audits as part of our ongoing SEO service, where we will ensure each section of these audits is prioritised to deliver you the quickest ROI.

Our SEO specialists can also conduct one-off SEO audits for your website to identify pain points and required strategy actions.

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More SEO services

Local SEO

We're a highly experienced SEO company. Ascensor are well versed in local SEO and we’re passionate about it. We love working with location-based companies to grow exposure for their brand through search marketing.

Our SEO team have worked with small businesses, using a mixture of our marketing services to deliver quick ROI early on, creating a marketing strategy that funds itself and we've loved the journey as we see their business grow.

We also work with enterprise clients and are just as excited when a successful SEO campaign results in major revenue boosts.

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Ecommerce SEO

For businesses that sell products online, we'll work with you to understand which products you want to sell more of, where the opportunities lie, and how we can work together to drive maximum ROI for you. We're an experienced Ecommerce SEO agency in Leeds with a history of providing value to clients through our mixture of available marketing services - and we'd love to do the same for you. We understand the importance of ROI in Ecommerce SEO and know how vital it is to be reactive and flexible when needed.

Reporting & data visualisation

The key focus of our SEO campaign reporting: transparency. Because we want you to be as excited about the work we're doing as we are. We want you to understand exactly what we're doing and how we're doing it. We're not here to hide anything from you and we can tailor your reporting to your specific needs. If you just want a top-level summary, we're happy to provide you this - but if you love the detail, we're more than happy to give it to you.

Developer support

Ascensor has a large team of expert web developers to assist with any requirements in line with the SEO strategy. With your approval, we can implement technical fixes, website speed improvements, upload content, make web design amends and build additional functionality into the website as required. This means everything is looked after for you and you don't need to become your own project manager, relaying info between internal and external technical teams. Ascensor is ISO27001-certified in information security, so you know you'll be in safe hands with your business online.

Site migration support

It's important to consider SEO through any website migration to avoid serious, long-term loss of SEO rankings and visibility in the search engine results pages. As a Leeds SEO agency, Ascensor has supported many businesses through successful site migrations. We can be involved from the very beginning of your migration to ensure that the necessary steps and benchmarks are in place and you receive the required support for a smooth transition.

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Why choose Ascensor as your SEO agency?

All our SEO strategies start with a conversation with you to understand what matters to you and your business. We want to understand your marketing history, what's worked for you, what hasn't, what products or services you'd like to push further and which you'd like to take a lower priority. Our SEO strategies aren't just focused on search volumes and third-party metrics, they're focused on what matters to your business, so we can impact the areas of your website that matter to you.

Once we've gained an understanding of your business objectives and online presence, our expert in-agency analysts will go away and analyse your web pages and website traffic to generate a work plan that focuses on quick results and ROI in the short term, which leads to a long-term growth plan.

As your SEO agency, strategy ethos at Ascensor is very much grounded in ethical SEOpractices that focus on business longevity and sustainable growth. We want to build a lasting relationship that sees your business grow over time as a result of our award-winning digital marketing agency work.

Our approach to SEO

Ascensor is an SEO agency that really loves what we do. We're an agency that is passionate about SEO, digital marketing and business growth.

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At the heart of our approach to gaining clients

Ascensor has been at the heart of our approach to gaining clients once hair salons were allowed to re-open on July 4. Many salons have been quiet after the initial rush of clients coming back to have their hair cut and re-styled following lockdown. However, thanks to Ascensor’s very practical and hands-on help and advice on website enhancement, SEO agency services, and social media promotion, our team of nine stylists have been at full capacity for the last four months.

Melissa Timperley • Melissa Timperley Salons

We would highly recommend Ascensor

Working with Ascensor, we have recently re-launched and updated our website. This has been handled with the utmost efficiency from the outset and the transitional period between the old and new site ran very smoothly. We would highly recommend Ascensor to any potential clients for web development and digital marketing.

Ben Freeman • Bathrooms Direct

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