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Website Migration Services

Here at Ascensor, our developers and SEO team are well versed in ensuring that your website migration runs without any difficulties.With experience in handling both re-platforming projects and website domain migrations, quickly and successfully migrating a website is something we pride ourselves on.

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- What is an SEO site migration?

Securely and safely transfer all data and rankings.

An SEO migration refers to the process of transferring search engine rankings, authority and indexing signals following a significant update to your website or its URL structure.

When website migrations are carried out correctly, there should be no broken links across the new site and no significant loss of organic traffic.

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Site Migration

What are the most important parts of a site migration?

It's absolutely vital that both users and search engines can find and index the new pages on your new website. We'll draw up a website migration checklist and tick off each step when it has been successfully completed, ensuring that nothing is missed.

This includes URL structures, 301 redirects, indexing, meta-data, sitemap submission, preserving your content, rank checking, indexation checks, and updating your Google Analytics goals.

How do you know if you achieved a successful website migration?

In most instances a successful site migration will show the following characteristics:

  • 1) No broken links following a site crawl.
  • 2) Minimal visibility loss from your old site to your new site during the first few weeks.
  • 3) Minimal long term rankings loss following the migration.

It is inevitable during a website migration that there will be some ranking volatility and impact on organic traffic in the short term, as the search engine drops the old content from its index and reindexes the new information.

The primary aim for a successful site migration is that this impact is not longstanding and the migration of old to new is as smooth as possible.

What are the risks of an unsuccessful domain migration?

It's essential that everyone involved in a website migration is aware of the risks involved, including the business owner, the SEO team and the front and back-end developers.

Failure to do so can result in a poorly executed site migration, leading to negative site performance, pages on your new domain not found by users or indexed by search engines, and organic traffic impacted significantly or not being successfully tracked in Google Analytics.

- The different types of site migrations

There are several types of different site migration, but broadly speaking they fit into the following examples:

Protocol change: HTTP to HTTPS site migration.

Subdomain or subfolder change: when a business decides to move certain areas into subdomains or subfolders.

Domain name change: Usually required when a business is rebranding and moving from one domain to another.

Top-level domain change: Often when a business launches international websites and needs to move from country code top-level domains to generic top-level domains.

Site structure changes: Changes to the entire site architecture that can have an effect on internal links and URL structure.

Web hosting migration: Our development team are well-versed in web hosting migrations. Utilising Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Apache, or NGINX, we can find the right platform for you and deliver a trouble-free migration for your entire website.

CMS migration: Moving from Magento to Wordpress, or Drupal to Craft CMS? Our team can help throughout the content management system migration process.

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We’re site migration experts. Let us help you with your website migration!

Do you need to migrate a website, but don't know the first thing about the website migration process? From setting up tracking to establishing a thorough 301 redirect map, we make the entire migration as seamless as possible. Ascensor offer a wide range of specialist digital marketing services, with technology and data at the heart of everything we do. Fill in the form below and one of our migration service team will be in touch to discuss how we can help.