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Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

54% increase

in transactions YoY

25% increase

in ROI YoY

180% increase

in PPC revenue YoY

Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

We found the PPC & SEO hacks that others miss to deliver exceptional ROI for Bathrooms Direct. Read our case study here.


Data accounts migrated seamlessly


Sessions per month reported and tracked

Bespoke data dashboard created
Data Science


Bespoke migration helped Sustrans’ transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 a walk in the park

Constantly evolving

We're an ROI-focused Ecommerce agency that's here to help you sell more online. If you're looking for a digital partner to help drive more sales for your business, then our Ecommerce solutions are the perfect fit.

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- Ecommerce agency that drives sales

Getting the fundamentals of Ecommerce web design right can be the difference between success and failure.

A well-performing Ecommerce site is your 24/7 salesperson that delivers the revenue you're aiming for. Ascensor have been building sophisticated, customisable shopping experiences that sit at the heart of your customer journey since 2007.

Ecommerce web design is our specialist subject; and in highly-competitive markets with rivals fighting for each sale, you need a partner with a proven track record of delivering results for a range of leading brands, startups and smaller businesses.

We develop Ecommerce websites to suit your budget and design a digital marketing strategy that delivers results. Whatever the solution, it will scale as your business evolves, nurturing your visitors and supporting your growth.

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ISO certified

Ascensor is one of only a handful of digital agencies in Leeds to achieve ISO 27001 certification, ensuring the highest standards for website and data security. ISO 27001 accreditation gives our clients assurances that data is processed securely across all our departments, from website design development to digital marketing and accounts. We’ve completely ingrained ISO 27001 methodology across the entire digital agency, from physical building access control security through to delivery of services.

We pride ourselves on world-class information security - and we can prove it to our clients. Our certification guarantees that when you come to us, you're working with a web design and development agency that offers optimal site security. This means your users can have peace of mind when sharing their personal and banking data with your site.

ISO Certified

Our Ecommerce web design & development services

Bespoke Ecommerce web design

We understand the time-consuming effort of using a SaaS platform to drag and drop your site together, only to realise that you're suddenly being hit with hidden fees, a lack of control and no support. That's where a bespoke Ecommerce website will work for your business.

All of our bespoke Ecommerce sites are built with your business in mind, meaning you know from day one that your website is unique to you. Our Ecommerce solutions are scalable, so you can rest easy knowing that when the time comes and the sales are flooding in, your website will meet the demand.

Ecommerce app development

Apps are a great way to build loyalty with customers. If you're an Ecommerce business then you have even more reason to want to be in your customers' pocket when they need you. Our Ecommerce app development offers a sleek mobile experience that works to convert more new customers and in turn create even more brand loyalty.

Our highly-skilled team love to develop Ecommerce apps that are fully optimised and offer a straightforward user-centric approach.

User login area development

A vital part of customer loyalty is allowing users to create their own account on your Ecommerce site. We can develop a user login area for your website to add a genuinely personalised experience. We'll work with you to develop a reliable, secure and user-friendly system that your customers, clients, members or colleagues can access quickly and safely. Our specialists will develop the perfect structure for your Ecommerce needs.

Ecommerce UX design

The development of our Ecommerce websites starts with UX design. The focus for Ecommerce UX design is to convert - and that's exactly what we achieve. Our UX design team will ensure that your new Ecommerce site is built to increase your online sales, enhance loyalty and retain happy customers by planning and implementing a site design that offers a seamless customer experience.

Order management development

Slick order management is at the heart of great customer service. Our Ecommerce solutions come complete with an order workflow system to help you manage your orders easily and effectively. We'll take the time to understand your business and build websites and order management systems that offer tailored solutions to your exact requirements.

Shopify specialists

Scale your Ecommerce site with our Shopify experts. We deliver tailored custom development and design to engage your customers and help you reach your business goals. Whether your existing Shopify site needs a refresh or you need a site built from scratch, we create beautiful Ecommerce sites that encompass your brand, showcase your products and provide exceptional performance for a smooth user experience. Our dedicated support team are on hand whenever you need them, for peace of mind, speedy problem-solving and efficient solutions.

Custom website extensions & integrations

It's vital that your Ecommerce website works for your business, that's why we know how important it is that your site is integrated with your current platforms and systems.

Our web developer team can custom integrate third-party systems and extensions to allow all the functionality needed for a smooth client journey. From accounting software to social media, a carefully-curated combination of extensions, APIs and integrations will ensure your Ecommerce site functions for optimal user experience and maximum ROI.

Ecommerce marketing services

Ecommerce digital strategy & consultancy

Driving low-cost, high-converting traffic to your website is the name of the game. From digital marketing strategy to campaign design and delivery, we target quick wins while building sustainability through organic rankings.

Ascensor Ecommerce websites are optimised for search and we can provide a mixture of paid search (including Google Shopping and retargeting), content marketing and marketing automation to help you grow your sales.

Google Shopping feed management

Top Shopping results are prominently displayed on the first search engine results page, usually above PPC ads.

As a data-driven Ecommerce agency, we offer Google Shopping feed management that will take your Ecommerce marketing strategy to the next level. We draw insights from your other paid marketing channels including display PPC and remarketing to build optimised, intelligent and effective Shopping campaigns that ensure the products you want to sell are found by your target audience.

Ecommerce paid search

Digital marketing and Ecommerce go hand in hand. That's why paid marketing is a highly effective and quick way of driving traffic to an Ecommerce site and ultimately increasing sales. Our Ecommerce specialists work in close partnership with Ascensor's wider team of digital marketing experts to combine expertise, so your Google Search ads will always feature bespoke content that resonates with your target audience.

Ecommerce social media management

Social media is a key driver of site traffic and is now one of the most effective channels for selling online in its own right. Social media attracts users across all age ranges and it's highly likely that your target audience is there and ready to be targeted. We can take care of handling your accounts across all channels, creating targeted content that drives leads and sales.

Ecommerce SEO

Ascensor's skilled and experienced Ecommerce SEO agency team have a proven track record of delivering increased online visibility to our Ecommerce clients, helping them to boost organic traffic and sales. Using cutting-edge tools and technologies, we're a Google Partner agency that's been delivering growth and ROI for Ecommerce businesses since 2007.

Conversion rate optimisation

CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is a process that enhances your website and its content in order to boost conversions. Conversion rate optimisation techniques allow you to increase revenue, lower your acquisition costs, obtain better value from your current users and, simply, grow your business.

When it comes to Ecommerce, conversions and sales are key. That's where CRO can come in, to ensure that your site is designed with conversions in mind and converts the maximum number of visitors into paying customers.

Customer service is second to none

Once I had made the decision to create a new website, there was only one company to talk to, Ascensor. Their level of technical expertise, design options, project management and customer service is second to none and they held my hand through the whole process. I now have five websites built by Ascensor with another on the way. I trust Andy and his team to make the right decisions for my businesses.

Gary King • Tendo

We would highly recommend Ascensor

Working with Ascensor, we have recently re-launched and updated our website. This has been handled with the utmost efficiency from the outset and the transitional period between the old and new site ran very smoothly. We would highly recommend Ascensor to any potential clients.

Ben Freeman • Bathrooms Direct
CRO meeting
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Ecommerce FAQs

  • Working with an agency that specialises in Ecommerce and has a proven track record in developing, maintaining and growing Ecommerce websites provides you with unrivalled insight and expertise that your business will benefit from. Adept at navigating a competitive and challenging world, an Ecommerce agency is ready to provide support and strategy for long-term strategy and upcoming online events. Successful Ecommerce comprises multiple digital marketing disciplines, including web development, graphic design and marketing such as social media, PPC or SEO. Finding an Ecommerce agency that houses multiple digital experts under one roof is a smart choice for a comprehensive service that produce effective results for your online business and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Our Ecommerce experts work with your business to cover all aspects you need to thrive. It starts with a bespoke strategy tailored to your business and the market you're in. From website design to app development, SEO and Google shopping ads, we'll help to build a powerful online presence that drives traffic and encourages conversions on site. Through monitoring and analytics, we'll assess the performance of your marketing strategies and streamline them to nurture leads, increase revenue and help you to scale with ease.
  • Of course, an increase in revenue is an important goal for most businesses, but it doesn't tell the full story. By tracking and measuring a range of key metrics over time, you can gain a good sense of how well your business is performing in different areas. For instance, metrics such as customer retention rate and cart abandonment rate are strong indicators of how well your site is meeting the needs of its customers, both in terms of service and interface. These, alongside metrics such as average order value are useful KPIs to measure, but also to act on and optimise your site for further growth and conversions. Continuous metric monitoring and subsequent optimisation is vital to staying ahead of competitors in a busy Ecommerce landscape.
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Ascensor are experienced Leeds-based Ecommerce experts and our work has been recognised with awards and outstanding return on investments. Get in touch with our experienced full-service digital marketing agency team today and let's get started on your next digital transformation project.