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Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

54% increase

in transactions YoY

25% increase

in ROI YoY

180% increase

in PPC revenue YoY

Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

We found the PPC & SEO hacks that others miss to deliver exceptional ROI for Bathrooms Direct. Read our case study here.




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UX Design   Mobile & web apps


We refined and improved a feature-rich digital platform to cement Crysp’s position as a digital compliance leader. Read our case study here.

Social Media Marketing Agency

The right social media marketing strategy can rapidly improve your sales, drive website traffic and increase engagement. At its core, social media marketing is about posting relevant and engaging content on the right platforms in order to build your digital presence and create a bond between brand and consumer.

We know how much social media content creation and monitoring can take be a drain on your business's resources, so let our social media experts help you build your online presence the right way.

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>Why us?

Why choose Ascensor as your social media agency?

Organic social media marketing means that brands can easily connect with audiences who are already interested in their brand. It's free and effective way to build a strong online presence.

Paid social has the power to target a specific audience that has interacted with your business, or is likely to, with paid-for ad posts.

Our audience-focused social media campaigns will get your business in front of the right customers, for the right price. Ascensor really are social media specialists!

An audience-focused social media agency

Social media marketing consists of two separate but equally important branches - organic social media and paid social media.

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Our social media management services

Social media audits

Not sure where to start? Is your social media feed looking dull and not creating enough engagement? Our social media experts are here to help. Ascensor's digital marketing strategy specialists can conduct social media audits across all of your social media platforms, thoroughly analysing your channels to recommend the next steps for you and your brand. With our constantly updated knowledge of ever-changing social media algorithms, we can provide you with the best options to suit your business goals.

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Social media strategy

As well as a social media audit, we offer a specific social strategy to help you continually grow your social media engagement and in turn, increase website traffic, enquiries and return on investment, in line with your marketing budgets.

From three-month to six-month strategies, our talented team will analyse your social profile and come up with the best solution for you.

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Social media consultancy

If you're a business with a little more time on your hands, our social media consultancy package may be the best option for you. We'll perform a social media audit and come up with a mini strategy. Our full service digital agency will spend time giving you all of our expert tips, helping you to build your online brand.

Paid social

Paid social has some of the best targeting functionality of any form of marketing. Whether you choose Facebook advertising, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest for paid social marketing, each social media platform has a multitude of targeting options available. With paid social media advertising there are more ways than ever before of reaching new and existing customers with exciting, attention-grabbing content.

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Social media management

Organising, scheduling, and creating content can be extremely time-consuming. Which is why we offer a no-stress solution to social media marketing! By sending some key content over to our social media experts, we can turn your concepts into fresh, targeted content driving your leads and sales.

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A results-driven Social Media Marketing agency


Facebook is a great platform for most businesses, no matter your size, industry or brand ambition. Whether you're B2B or B2C, it's still the perfect option for the vast majority of businesses!

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Previously a primarily B2C platform, we have now seen even more B2B businesses succeeding on Instagram. There's no denying that Instagram is the perfect platform for Ecommerce, but there's ample opportunity for a variety of businesses to succeed. The Instagram Shopping feature is a strong, effective way to increase sales through social media services. Ask us, we're experts!

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LinkedIn is, of course, predominantly a B2B platform, and as a channel is a brilliant way to target other businesses and increase brand awareness within your key target audience. We tailor our digital marketing campaigns to you.

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We know just how much Pinterest can boost brand awareness and generate leads. As Pinterest is solely focused on picture content, like Instagram, it can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website. This is especially relevant if you're an Ecommerce business.

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More social media services

Customer service management

Customer service advice and management is a key plank of our social media marketing offer. We understand that it can be a challenge for some businesses, not to mention the vital time it takes up. That's why we're here to help.

From teaching you the easiest and best ways to reply to customer queries through to full page and community management, whatever you need - we're here.

Social media asset creation

As part of our social media retainer, we offer additional social media asset creation. Our talented design team are always on hand to help you with video production, graphic creation and GIF building. These visual posts work really well to help share more information about you as a brand/business through the use of quotes, memes, top tips or fun facts.

Account engagement

Engagement is KEY. You wouldn't make a ham sandwich without the bread, would you? So why post on social without engaging with other accounts? It doesn't make sense!

However, just like posting, we realise how time-consuming it can be to engage every day. And that's what we're here for.

Social media influencer marketing

As social media continues to evolve, so does the impact of influencer marketing. Influencers offer businesses the chance to reach large, engaged audiences that brands can tap into to build credibility and drive sales. Which is why we have our very own blogger community, filled with a broad range of influencers who are open to working with brands on advertising campaigns.

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Reporting & data visualisation

We offer monthly reporting as standard for all our clients. Our reports highlight the performance of individual social media ads and campaigns and the impact they have had in terms of reach and conversions. Populated with easy-to-understand graphs and data visualisations, regular reporting allows you to see how all your social media channels are performing.

We also regularly check insights in order to specifically target your audience. We offer one-to-one support, teaching you the basics of what these insights mean.

Audience insights

Audience insights are vital when it comes to social media marketing and social media advertising. Knowing what your consumers like seeing on your page is important. It will help increase engagement and in turn, increase brand awareness.

Our team of social media managers are always on point when it comes to what works best for your audience. They take audience insights very much into consideration when creating the best content strategy for you, no matter what platform.

As well as audience research, our social team also provide hashtag research. Hashtags can be an effective way to build up engagement organically online - plus our team of social media experts will make you a hashtag lover too!

Why Us?

Why choose Ascensor as your Social Media Agency?

Social media began as a method of consumer communication, but today we know that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are fantastic mediums for building communities dedicated to your brand, pushing traffic to websites, and driving revenue through conversions. Ascensor offers a total social media strategy that helps businesses and brands across the United Kingdom take maximum advantage of the opportunities the diverse platforms offer.

As a full-service digital marketing agency based in Leeds, social media marketing forms part of a wider mix of integrated digital marketing services we provide to our clients. Ascensor can offer a tailor-made digital marketing strategy featuring services such as SEO, PPC, CRO, email marketing, graphic design, content and web development.

Our approach to social media marketing

Our approach draws on years of experience as we plan, execute and manage dynamic social media strategies for our wide range of clients.

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We're already reaping the benefits

We approached Ascensor to assist us with our social media presence. It's difficult for a growing brand to keep up with the regular posting and engagement required to maintain and build a good reputation across multiple social channels. Ascensor has been extremely helpful in planning and growing our online presence. We've only been focussed on this for a few months, but we're already reaping the benefits of their efforts.

Lee Brooks • U Account

I’m loving the content

I’m loving the content coming through on our social media and our Facebook in particular. Looking forward to future posts!

Karl Bradford • Key West Hygiene Services

We trust Ascensor with our social media

We needed to increase our brand awareness, that’s why we trust Ascensor with our social media management! Thank you.

Kathryn Wright • Perfect Personalised Gifts

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