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Social Media Audits

As an image-based platform, Pinterest has the potential to drive huge amounts of traffic to your website.

Ascensor understand the power of captivating content. Our social media experts help your business tap into 430 million Pinterest users seeking inspiration, ideas and new products every day.

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Our Social Media Audit Services

Competitor Analysis

A social media audit allows us valuable insight into your competitors' social media strategy. What's working for them? Are your own social media marketing efforts up to scratch? Not only does competitor analysis provide a useful benchmark for your own social media marketing strategy, it can help to inform your future approach and get your own social media presence at the forefront of consumers' feeds (and minds).

Defining your demographic

Understanding your demographic is vital in order to create content that your target audience will engage with. We identify your current demographic data to establish whether you're reaching the right people, on the right platform, at the right time. For instance, Instagram is typically more effective for reaching a younger audience, while LinkedIn may be more appropriate if your focus is B2B.

Strategy ideation and refinement

A great social strategy starts with an audit. We conduct a thorough analysis of your social media platforms to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth. Our team of social media and marketing specialists provide recommendations and expert tips on how to maximise your social media presence based on what's working, and what's not.

Keeping you on top of the latest social trends

The fast-moving world of social media evolves quickly, and it can be challenging to keep on top of trends and platform developments, expansions and improvements.Our social media gurus stay on top of the latest trends and algorithm updates to keep you ahead of the curve and suggest strategy adjustments where needed.


We present the findings of our audits as a social media audit checklist, detailing key metrics and an evaluation of opportunities to improve or build upon current successes.

The report sets out a list of recommended actions and next steps to boost your social media profiles and ensure they're helping to fulfil your marketing objectives.

We don't work exclusively from a social media audit template - our social team use their years of experience across a range of clients and industries to take a comprehensive look at everything from audience insights to engagement rates, visual cohesion and tone of voice.

How a social media audit benefits your business

Boost your presence

The recommendations laid out in our social media audits provide feedback on how to grow your social media presence in a variety of ways. An audit helps you to unlock the potential of social media and drive a target audience to engage with your content or visit your website.

Track ROI

A social media audit helps to define metrics to track against your KPIs and measure the effectiveness of your content. We use tools such as Google Analytics to gain valuable audience insights and find out how your users are interacting with your accounts. By tracking metrics, we can see how your accounts are performing and evaluate how to improve them.

Build brand awareness

Growing your social media presence isn't just about your follower count - it's about how your audience connects with and subsequently interacts with your content.

Building an engaged following that cares about your brand and your services is key to connecting with your audience demographics. Audience definition and creating frequent, on-brand content that answers your followers' questions are crucial to your social success.

- Why choose us?

Our approach

We're a data-driven bunch, using data from multiple sources and social media audit tools to evaluate and measure social performance and inform future strategic decisions. Our analytical skills, combined with our creativity and passion for great content means we are perfectly placed to provide effective social media audits that have the ability to overhaul your current social visibility.

As an integrated agency, we can work across multiple marketing channels to deliver comprehensive and highly effective strategies that span multiple areas of marketing expertise.

From UX design to paid media and digital strategy, we have a proven track record of helping businesses grow.

We're already reaping the benefits

We approached Ascensor to assist us with our social media presence. It's difficult for a growing brand to keep up with the regular posting and engagement required to maintain and build a good reputation across multiple social media channels. Ascensor has been extremely helpful in planning and growing our online presence. We've only been focussed on this for a few months, but we're already reaping the benefits of their efforts.

Lee Brooks • U Account

I’m loving the content

I’m loving the content coming through on our social media and our Facebook in particular. Looking forward to future posts!

Karl Bradford • Key West Hygiene Services

We trust Ascensor with our social media

We needed to increase our brand awareness, that’s why we trust Ascensor with our social media management! Thank you.

Kathryn Wright • Perfect Personalised Gifts

Interested in a social media audit?

Don't wait until your social accounts are under-performing to conduct a social media audit. Your social media channels should be reviewed regularly to ensure you are maximising their potential.