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Bathrooms Direct: SEO & PPC


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Bathrooms Direct: SEO & PPC

Our recent work has seen Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire break revenue records. Read more in Ascensor's latest case study here.
Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

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Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

We found the PPC & SEO hacks that others miss to deliver exceptional ROI for Bathrooms Direct. Read our case study here.

Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing is a strategy used by businesses to promote their brand which sees them partner with popular social media users or bloggers. It's the latest way of marketing your products and services and telling your brand story.

Influencers are known for helping brands achieve a better rapport and resonance with consumers thanks to their expertise on a particular subject, or their popularity. Influencers create new trends, from fashion to home interiors and food. This in turn can help your brand massively, especially if their key metrics match your target audience.

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Why Us?

We're an influencer marketing agency that understands you uniquely.

Because we know how wide the influencing world is, Ascensor can help maximise your ROI through our expertise and targeted strategies.

Matching your brand's goals, we can use specific influencer campaigns to create the best digital marketing strategy for you. Thanks to our ongoing relationships with influencers and unique influencer marketing process, we know how to identify the ideal 'spokespeople' for your brand, and which influencer marketing platform is right for you.

Our exclusive partnership with the Yorkshire Blogger Awards has opened up the world of influencing across Leeds and the wider county, which means we have an extended community of bloggers and influencers right on our doorstep, ready to work with. Our connections make it easier for us to find the right influencers to help your business grow.

Why us?

We're an influencer marketing agency that understands you uniquely.

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Influencer Marketing Agency

What is an influencer, and why is influencer marketing effective?

Along with the rise of the social media marketing phenomenon came the birth of the social media influencer. Much like celebrities, influencers hold power and 'influence' over their followers online.

Many influencers were born after the initial rise of the social media phenomenon - and they've now taken over the social media game.

Influencers, a bit like celebrities, have the power to influence purchasing decisions because of their authority and online clout, built by gaining followers and/or engagement.

How can a social media influencer help me and my brand?

Because of their ability to influence purchase decisions, relevant influencers are a really effective way of building up brand awareness and customer retention.

Also known as content creators and/or bloggers, social media influencers can have as few as 2,000 followers up to those which number in the millions. As long as they have a high engagement rate and a dedicated target audience, they can be a brilliant way to boost your business.

Smash your online goals with an influencer marketing campaign

As an award-winning full service digital marketing agency, we have worked with some of the top influencers on popular social media channels such as Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. Our experts have backgrounds in social media marketing, PR and link-building and have a plethora of influencer, creator and blogger connections across all popular social media channels. Our industry links, influencer network and years of experience make us your number one choice as a leading influencer marketing agency.

By creating full service influencer marketing campaigns to suit you and your brand we can help you smash your online goals. We'll help you build a creative influencer marketing strategy to project your brand story through someone who may be influential within a key demographic that you're not currently reaching, and that you would ideally like to target next as a business.

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreachBlogger outreach is a crucial part of influencer marketing, but we also treat it as a separate service for our clients as it is centred more around link-building. Our expertise in SEO and blogger outreach are what makes us the best influencer marketing agency to help your business grow. Looking at a blogger's DA (domain authority) and trust flow is something that many other agencies don't pay attention to, which can lead to harmful links and in turn, damage your SEO backlink profile. Who would want that as part of an influencer campaign?

Our dedicated Facebook blogger community allows us to connect with bloggers worldwide who are happy to place links on their site to yours, the correct way, for maximum SEO impact.

Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers have become enormously powerful in recent years, with some becoming celebrities in their own right and turning their Insta-lives into a full-time job. If you're familiar with Instagram, you will have no doubt stumbled across a typical influencer.

A lot of influencer marketing agencies will tell you that their number of followers is what matter most - but at Ascensor we really dig down into their metrics to find the best influencer for you. Engagement and influence are the most important elements when it comes to finding the right influencer to work with, which is why we create real relationships with well-known bloggers and influencers, allowing us to gain an understanding of their niche audience and how it matches with your brand.

TikTok influencers

TikTok is a platform where you can really unleash your brand's creative side. With pretty much the entire country having a lot more free time, TikTok and video creation boomed during the Coronavirus pandemic and it's become one of the most creative influencer marketing platforms. In a very short timescale TikTok influencers have become indispensable for brands who want to use and video content to promote themselves. And thanks to our connections as a full service influencer agency we can choose the best TikTokers will really make your products stand out in the fully immersive world of TikTok.

Alongside influencer marketing, TikTok can also be a brilliant way to gain brand exposure through paid advertising. Learn more about the 'TikTok effect' here.

YouTube influencers

While YouTube influencers may appear to be very similar to TikTok influencers at first glance, their key metrics are actually very different. YouTube's target audiences are so diverse it has become relatively simple to find a YouTuber that will be happy to promote your brand. Ascensor's influencer marketing team can place your product in the right video, gaining link clicks through monetisation, AdSense, branded content and product placement.

- Our approach to digital influencer marketing

We're experts with excellent connections to throw your business into the limelight.

Using our unique partnership with The Yorkshire Blogger Awards we have built sustainable relationships with a network of influencers, bloggers and creators across all platforms. Coupled with our expert background in successful link-building, PR, content creation and social media management, Ascensor have the expert team to create the optimal influencer marketing strategies for your business. And as a full service influencer marketing agency, we're able to provide you with the real statistics that matter and hassle-free campaign management.

Interested in how influencer marketing agencies like Ascensor can get your brand seen?

Ascensor are a full service digital marketing agency. Our influencer marketing strategies can really take your business to the next level. Our experienced team are specialists in handling simultaneous influencer campaigns across a range of platforms and can deal with influencer identification, contract management and campaign execution, leaving you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Contact us below to find out how Ascensor will create influencer marketing campaigns that can drive exposure for your brand and deliver maximum return on investment.

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