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Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

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Temp Rewards

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Form strong and lasting connections and use insight-driven, creative content to get in front of your peers and industry specialists on the largest B2B network around. LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of the people who have the power to make it happen - and you'll need a dedicated team to get the results the platform is capable of.

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- How can LinkedIn marketing benefit me?

LinkedIn has been the leading digital platform for business marketing for a number of years.

Whether it's using your own personal LinkedIn profile to push your brand or creating a LinkedIn company page to publish updates, LinkedIn has a variety of ways to enable you to promote your business, what it offers, and the latest news.

You've probably seen some LinkedIn posts with thousands of likes and comments. That's all thanks to a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy, an excellent professional network and engaging long-form content that your audience can relate to.

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Our LinkedIn marketing agency services

LinkedIn strategy

Achieving tangible success on LinkedIn isn't just about posting - a comprehensive LinkedIn content marketing strategy needs to be in place first.

Understanding exactly how your account is performing and how your audience is engaging is vital to create the right LinkedIn marketing strategy and boost lead generation. But, of course, a key element of LinkedIn is the posts that you publish. Your content should be informative but tell a relevant story that’s engaging for your audience.

Ultimately, if your content is engaging enough, your audience will click on the call to action and contact you regarding your product or service.

LinkedIn training

Ascensor’s unique LinkedIn training provides you with the best possible start to becoming LinkedIn experts.

We’ll give you the skills to ensure you establish both a professional and personal brand as well as show you how to monitor your LinkedIn marketing performance, create long-form content and foster business relationships.

Most importantly though, we'll teach you the basics of how to create your account and business page, and content types and ideas that you can use on your own platform.

LinkedIn management

The thought of regularly managing your social media platforms can be daunting for many of our clients. Thankfully, we offer full-service management of your LinkedIn platform so that you don't have to worry about it.

From the moment you onboard with Ascensor, we’ll take full control of your LinkedIn marketing efforts and create a strategy as well as a monthly content calendar for you to approve each month.

We will engage with comments on your posts as well as potential customers to boost brand awareness. Whether it's your personal LinkedIn profile or your LinkedIn company page that we manage, we can handle it all!

LinkedIn content creation

In order to create the best content, you first need to understand your target audience and the content that they are likely to engage with. As your ultimate goal is to generate leads from your content, different types of LinkedIn content may prove to be more engaging for your demographic.

This could include ad campaigns, video, infographics, or even the use of showcase pages.

More LinkedIn services

LinkedIn engagement

Being ignored by a brand once you've engaged with their content isn't going to leave you feeling compelled to purchase from them.

Engaging with content on your posts, as well as on posts from others within your sector, is an excellent way to build your brand reputation as well as increase your brand awareness as part of an integrated LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing

LinkedIn isn't a platform that many would consider for influencer marketing, but actually, it's an excellent way to expand your business relationships. Filled with hundreds of like-minded professionals, LinkedIn is a dynamic platform to utilise with the help of some business influencers to spread your brand name. Whether it's through sharing content with their connections or using LinkedIn groups to reach new audiences, influencer marketing can greatly improve your brand visibility.

Monthly reporting

A lack of communication when it comes to reporting on LinkedIn campaigns and results can be incredibly frustrating. This is where we differ at Ascensor. Every month, our digital marketing department collaborates to provide insightful monthly reports to our clients, whether they're a small start-up or an international corporation. We want to help you understand what we do as well as show you the results of our hard work.

Audience insights

Without insights, we aren't able to see and understand your performance and how we can improve your LinkedIn profile. In order for us to provide you with LinkedIn marketing tips and manage your channel successfully, we need the support of Insights to get a proper understanding of your audience and demographics.

We're already reaping the benefits of their efforts

We approached Ascensor to assist us with our social media presence. It's difficult for a growing brand to keep up with the regular posting and engagement required to maintain and build a good reputation across multiple social media channels. Ascensor has been extremely helpful in planning and growing our online presence. We've only been focused on this for a few months, but we're already reaping the benefits of their efforts.

Lee Brooks • U Account

We trust Ascensor

We needed to increase our brand awareness, that’s why we trust Ascensor with our social media management! Thank you.

Kathryn Wright • Perfect Personalised Gifts

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