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We revolutionised the way Delifresh handle orders and unleashing their B2B growth plans.
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Magnet Kitchens

We made it simple for Magnet’s kitchen showroom teams to swiftly process new trade account details.


Instagram can transform businesses and greatly expand your audience. With our expert guidance, we can help grow your business at the rate you want and achieve the results you need. Join the two billion active monthly users on Instagram and we’ll help revolutionise your social media presence.

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- Why choose us?

Showcase your content and sell directly to your consumers.

While it may be one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram hasn’t always been seen as a platform for business. However, it’s now a prime spot for businesses to promote their products and services, with an active audience of a billion monthly users.

With the ability to sell products directly to your consumers, as well as a variety of different ways to showcase your content, Instagram has a number of options to display your products and services to match your business.

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Our Instagram agency services

Instagram strategy

The key to a strong Instagram strategy is a relentless focus on your audience and engagement. Ascensor are experts at finding ways to grow your reach so that your content gets seen by as many people as possible. We'll help you understand the algorithm and factor all of the required elements into your strategy, defining your demographic and establishing your target audience.

Instagram training

We understand that a monthly marketing retainer may be out of reach for many small businesses and start-ups. If this sounds like your business, we have an option to help you! Our team of experts offer Instagram training to help you set up and manage your account. If you have the time to manage your Instagram but just need some initial technical assistance, our Instagram training is perfect for you!

Instagram management

We understand that in many cases there just isn’t enough time in the day to post on social media as well as run your business. That’s the primary reason that so many of our clients use Ascensor to fully manage their social media and leave their profiles in our expert hands. We take the stress and time from you so you can focus on what you need to whilst we optimise and manage your account.

Instagram content

The most vital part of Instagram is the content that you post. We will help you not only decide on the best type of content to publish, but also help to design and create it with our talented design team. Whether it’s an infographic or a video introducing your business, our experts are available to guide you with the best content for your business and for your audience. Even if your business doesn’t have any existing assets for us to use, we can create stunning content for your brand with just your logo

More Instagram services

Instagram engagement

Engagement is so important on any platform, but Instagram is by far the most important. Engaging with your audience will help to improve your brand image but also helps to increase your reach and potentially grow your audience to a wider demographic. If you’re struggling to get engagement on your posts, you can try and style your content to drive comments, likes, and shares with tailored posts such as competitions and testimonials. Another excellent way to gain traction is by engaging with local brands and accounts in your audience to secure more brand visibility.

Influencer marketing

As experts in the digital marketing world, we have strong connections with a community of leading influencers across the region. If your business could benefit from influencer marketing, our team know the right Instagram personalities who could increase your reach thanks to their audience of thousands of followers. Get in touch with the team today to discuss influencer marketing in your sector further.

Audience insights

We’re a data-driven agency, we love Insights! We use Insights to help get a greater understanding of how your content is performing, as well as how your audience is engaging. By using Insights, we can feed this data into your strategy and create content that we know your audience is going to love and likely engage with! Insights also provides us with the tools required to provide an accurate forecast of results you should expect to see over the coming months.

Monthly reporting

We ensure there’s consistent communication between you and our client services team, so that you always know what our team are working on every week. As well as weekly updates from your account manager, you’ll also receive a report at the beginning of every month compiled by the full team working on your account. This report will be created in Data Studio and will include statistics relating to your marketing services, as well as return on investment and website traffic.

-Our approach to Instagram marketing

Our approach doesn’t simply focus on Instagram marketing.

It includes each of our digital marketing services to find ways in various channels can work in synergy to provide you with greater growth at a quicker rate.

We have an eye for detail – we’re thorough with our auditing and compile a full report of everything your Instagram is doing really well and where we can help you improve to help you compete against your rivals.

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We're already reaping the benefits of their efforts

We approached Ascensor to assist us with our social media presence. It's difficult for a growing brand to keep up with the regular posting and engagement required to maintain and build a good reputation across multiple social media channels. Ascensor has been extremely helpful in planning and growing our online presence. We've only been focused on this for a few months, but we're already reaping the benefits of their efforts.

Lee Brooks • U Account

We trust Ascensor

We needed to increase our brand awareness, that’s why we trust Ascensor with our social media management! Thank you.

Kathryn Wright • Perfect Personalised Gifts

Interested in how we can use Instagram marketing to help grow your business?

Are you ready to grow your Instagram marketing to be an industry leader with rapid reach and growth? Get in touch with our team of experts below to discuss your needs and we can begin creating your strategy and performing a full audit almost immediately.