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Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media strategy can be a challenge. What type of content will your target audience engage with? How do you measure performance? How do you build a strong social media presence? An effective social strategy reaches the right people and drives traffic to your website, increases sales and much much more.

We help you to define your target audience and outline clear business objectives that align with your digital goals.

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- Creating engagement to drive conversions

Ascensor can provide a strategy to help you continually grow your social media engagement and in turn, increase website traffic, conversions and a return on investment.

From three-month to six-month strategies, our talented team will analyse your social profile and come up with the best solution for you. From the creation of a social media marketing plan to a social media content calendar, our team use carefully crafted copy, imagery and community management to engage and inspire.

If you're daunted by the thought of creating a strategy from the ground up, Ascensor are on hand to create a social media strategy that increases engagements, grows your following and drives meaningful traffic to your product or service pages to ensure you reach your social media marketing goals.

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Creating a social strategy - the first steps

Successful social media marketing strategies start with a thorough analysis of your social media accounts to evaluate what you're doing well and assessing where you can improve, as well as defining your marketing objectives and what you want to achieve from each social media platform.

When starting to analyse areas for improvement, we'll also conduct competitive analysis to assess what your competitors are doing on their social media channels, and what tactics you may be able to implement and evolve to your own advantage.

At Ascensor, we'll find the potential opportunities a fresh social media approach could deliver for your business.

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Creating a social strategy

Measuring strategy performance

Unsure where to begin measuring performance on your social platforms as part of a social media marketing strategy?

There are a number of valuable insights on social media platforms that allow you to make adjustments to your social campaign to improve performance.

But remember, 'vanity metrics' such as the number of social media followers you have don't hold enough strategic information to influence future strategies on their own. However, they can still be beneficial to analyse on a monthly basis.

Social Media Content strategy

Depending on the social media networks you're currently targeting, your content strategy can vary massively, but we're here to help you understand the best practices for each of them.

Determining the best social media channel for your business can depend on a number of factors, including social targets and business type. User-generated content should also be considered as it's an easy way to create content that's much more likely to drive engagement on your platforms.

Targeting your key demographics

The next step is creating content that's perfectly tailored for your social media campaigns. When creating your social media posts, it's important to remember how your users react to your profile, as well as your various audience personas and demographics. Your audience demographic will then determine the brand voice for your content strategy.

Implementing growth

We recognise that the best social media strategies promote growth and lead generation through highly executed social media content. The use of social interactions, high-quality images and social hashtags promotes quicker growth.

Depending on whether you're using paid ads to complement your organic content, you can then gather data to help determine your ad spend and assess whether your business is in a position to increase ad spend to increase your rate of growth.

Interested in how we can help you reach and engage with your target audiences through social?

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Ascensor's award-winning social media strategy team can help build your brand, increase site traffic and boost your revenue.

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