Do you own or run an Ecommerce business? Online retail sales in the UK have reached their highest peak since November 2014 and seen an 18.7% growth in July 2016 compared to July 2015, according to the latest IMRG figures.

Month on month figures show that Ecommerce sales have been broadly flat, month on month until the recent high growth, with the clothing and apparel sector contributing significantly to July’s figures, enjoying 22% growth in this period.

The UK retail sector as a whole is enjoying good performance, with multi-channel retailer’s sales also growing by 19% year on year.

For businesses selling online through Ecommerce websites, 2016 should have been a great year so far. Online retail growth up 15% this is ahead of the 11% forecast (year to date) and with August 2015 being a relatively week month for growth, analysts expect the double digit growth to continue.

There doesn’t seem to have been any noticeable impact of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union (even though exchange rates have fluctuated), quite the opposite in fact, but analysts are struggling to predict what will happen once the Brexit decision is actioned.

What is certain though is that businesses that sell online should be enjoying sales growth. Operating an Ecommerce business or a multi-channel businesses that sells online presents a great opportunity for you to ride the high tide that is sweeping across Britain. All online retail sectors are growing well and having the opportunity to sell overseas through the shopping marketplaces (such as Amazon, Not On The High Street, Etsy) gives retailers the ability to mitigate effects of the recent exchange rate fluctuations.

If you operate an Ecommerce website, are you enjoying the growth that these figures suggest you should be? If you are not then it is time to review your retail website set-up and marketing so you can capitalise. Is your website mobile friendly, is the user journey intuitive, is the website found by your target market and are you focussing on conversion rate optimisation? There never has been a better time to invest in your business and get a great return!

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