Are you a small to medium-sized business? Are you based in the Leeds City Region? 

If so, did you know that there are a number of grant funding opportunities that you could be eligible for? 

Digital marketing activity is something that companies of every size should be doing - but what do you do when you don’t have the expertise or just can’t find the budget?

For a start-up or more established SME, knowing where to start with digital marketing and digital transformation can often be confusing. 

With so much to think about, many owners and decision-makers waste time and money by not having a clear strategy or plan in place. 

Now, more than ever, businesses need to stand out to compete.

If you’re eligible for funding, then why not make a digital investment and use it to grow your business? It will be worth it!

Below we’ve explained some of the funding schemes available for businesses in the Leeds City Region that you may be eligible for, to help you find which is right for you.

Funding for start-ups

For fledgling businesses, there is funding support available, offering a Start-Up grant for businesses aged 0-12 months, and a Growth grant for businesses aged 13-36 months. 

The grants can be used towards web design and development and initial marketing collateral.

Funding for established businesses

For businesses that have been trading for more than three years, there is a support programme that provides a package of bespoke support to help them unleash their potential and overcome the challenges Covid-19 and Brexit.

The initiative uses a high-growth digital assessment tool to measure the maturity of your business and its potential for expansion.

This creates an action plan that addresses both barriers and opportunities, before a dedicated team of local growth managers provide assistance and brokered introductions to other business support, including capital grants.

Help with sales and marketing, productivity improvements, upskilling, digital technologies and international trade can all be supported through one-to-one coaching.

Funded coaching days delivered by a dedicated external growth coach to address your growth actions.

Funding for digital tools

There is growth funding available that are aimed at businesses who want to take advantage of digital technology. Matched funding enables you to grow your business and reach new heights with digital tools.

Funding worth between £2,000 and £12,500, are designed to help small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to grow, by covering some of the costs of their digital/IT investment, so that they can achieve greater profitability.

The funding will fund typically 50 per cent of the cost of a project, however, there is the chance you could receive a higher level of funding depending upon the levels of digital transformation, business performance, productivity and innovation your project will achieve. The total project value must be between £4,000-£25,000.

The funding can be investing in a new Ecommerce website (B2B), targeting overseas markets through digital marketing or building your local market share through Google local marketing. We can advise you if your idea may receive support.

Funding for businesses working in manufacturing

​There is a business support programme which aims to support the growth and expansion of manufacturing SMEs and SMEs operating in wider supply chains across the Leeds City Region.

The programme offers a strategic review of current operations, help with the development of an action plan and a potential grant of up to £5,000 for the implementation of the project.

How do I apply?

Ascensor can help guide you through the various application processes involved. We’re more than happy to talk to you about your business’s requirements and how to structure an application for funding.

We are a registered supplier of website design, app development and digital marketing services and you can speak to one of our experts to discuss how we can help you get the basics right. 

Call the team on 0113 831 4400 or get in touch to find out how grants could help you to grow your business online.

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