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The Challenge

YESSS Electrical are the fastest growing electrical wholesaler in the UK.

Established in Europe for almost 50 years and with over 95 nationwide stores open to trade and public, YESSS are the first stop for electrical supplies, services and solutions.

They also provide a full range of support services including EV and renewables, industrial, security and lighting, with each division having its own team of specialists.

YESSS recognised that customer drop-off and basket abandonment rates during the checkout stage could be improved, and we proposed a series of CRO tests to identify where key developments could be made. 

We wanted to better understand how customers interacted with the current design of the YESSS E-commerce site, and whether new approaches to user experience in the checkout process could increase conversion rates.

What we did

What we did

We conducted a thorough analysis, looking at the full end-to-end journey of a customer to highlight any friction points.

From the research as well as data, we were able to form a hypothesis.

Our approach was to understand the business strategy and align our digital recommendations.

After meticulously assessing where development work could potentially improve conversion rates, we designed a series of split tests that could reshape key parts of the checkout process. 

This means comparing two versions of the same landing page to determine whether small changes can increase the conversion rate. Two versions are shown to site visitors, with 50% seeing version A, and the other half seeing version B.

We noticed that it wasn't clear to users that they need to tick a terms and conditions box in order to proceed to purchasing. The buttons were grayed out and there was no obvious reason for this.

We changed the checkout button to an active state, along with removing additional clicks for Ts&Cs.

Next, we designed another split test to measure whether displaying VAT-inclusive prices from the outset would increase conversion rates. 

As a business with a strong focus on trade clients, product prices are initially shown exclusive of VAT on the YESSS site, with the total price increasing at the checkout stage for domestic customers.

We also set up a dual CRO test to gauge whether prominently informing customers how much more they need to spend to qualify for free delivery would increase revenue. 

The test aimed to see if, by including a banner on product pages, users would add more products to their basket to go over the £50 free delivery threshold.

The decision was made to carry out a parallel A/B test, with the the same banner being shown in the shopping basket, to observe the overall impact this generated. 



All of the tests showed an uplift in conversion rates for YESSS. 

The basket page version with a pre-ticked T&Cs box saw an impressive 20% increase in users progressing to the next stage, and a 4% boost in the number of transactions.

The test which saw customers see prices inclusive of VAT led to an 8.7% increase in users starting the checkout journey, while the parallel £50 free delivery test showed average order values grow by 10%.

The web team is now implementing these changes based on our recommendations, and the combination of these individual conversion rate increases has led to a significant revenue boost. 

What YESSS Electrical said…

Our partnership with Ascensor began in April 2023, and since then we have had nothing less than an excellent working relationship to implement our digital strategy.

The team looks after all things SEO, PPC and CRO-related for YESSS Electrical. Their knowledge, service and support are second to none, with our account manager Chloe keeping us up to date on every stage of our digital journey roadmap.

I would recommend their services to any type of business who are looking to grow their online presence. Once you start working with them, it’s easy to see why they are known as ‘The A-Team’.

The only way is up!

Sam Hall, YESSS Electrical marketing manager

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