We believe that a happy team is a productive team.

That’s why we stand by our five core values (fearless, progressive, creative, collaborative and customer-focused) and have a strong focus on personal development. 

Because of this, we’re incredibly proud to have members of the A Team that have been with us since Ascensor’s early days, growing with our business. One of these long-standing team members is our Head of Creative, Imran. 

Imran is celebrating his 10-year anniversary at Ascensor, and he’s helped us evolve massively in that time. With an extensive knowledge of UX, innovation, bespoke design and digital design, we thought Imran’s anniversary would be the perfect excuse to put him in the hot seat and interview him about his time at Ascensor.

Our marketing manager, Beth, sat down with him for a chat…

So, let me ask a few questions about your role as Head of Creative.

1. What led you to where you are today?

Curiosity in technology has played a major part in shaping my journey. 

I’ve been inspired by the wide spectrum of challenges at Ascensor, working with clients from various industries allowed me the opportunity to constantly evolve.

2. What does your role involve on a day-to-day basis?

Agency life is very fast paced, no one day is the same. 

My role spans between consulting with clients early on in the life cycle, helping shape their business and digital strategy through to designing user experiences that customers love. On a project basis, I work closely with the design, development and marketing teams to ensure we’re helping our clients grow.

3. What do you consider is your greatest achievement, or is there a project that you feel most proud of?

I’m most proud of the achievements made together with the design team, landing large client wins when we were up against multiple other agencies during the tender process.

4. How do you ensure that all work for clients is directly aligned to their overall business goals?

Being involved very early on or becoming integrated into their business helps me understand their goals. From this point onwards I’m very conscious of the client’s ROI.

Okay, now a little more about what it’s like to be a part of it all at Ascensor.

5. What were the main factors in deciding to join the A Team?


There so are many talented people under one roof. This creates the opportunity to work alongside experts in the field, whilst helping clients grow, which helps us all grow.

6. What do you like the most about the team?

They all know how to have fun, there is a great work life balance, everyone is very supportive of each other, the positivity and encouragement is up there!

And a little about the industry…

7. Describe how the last year has been for you as being a leader in digital.

The last year has brought many challenges and opportunities. Digital never sleeps, technology is still moving at a rapid pace and there are innovative companies and start-ups launching every day. I’m proud that with Ascensor, we’re able to continue growing with clients.

8. How has customer behaviour (or your clients’ customer behaviour) changed during and after the pandemic?

Everyone now knows how to scan a QR code :-) 

Businesses who were left exposed during the pandemic have a clear appreciation for digital. Our clients, supported by Ascensor, were able to pivot and thrive very early on when restrictions were announced.

9. Why is being able to track conversion so crucial to our clients?

Return on investment is simple, it means you get back more than what you put in, in the form of conversions. Knowing where it comes from is paramount to tracking the ROI.

10. How does your team ensure they stay ahead of the curve in the digital arena?

The Ascensor team is fully immersed in technologies before they trend and ultimately become mainstream. By doing so, we’re able to benefit our clients by being “research-ready” with the knowledge and practical demos to help facilitate their business.

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