Email marketing has been around for so long now and there are so many other forms of engagement that it’s easy to see why some people see email marketing as a thing of the past, an outdated technology that leads to more annoyance than ROI.

When done well, email marketing can inform and engage and best of all it can easily be measured.

Here’s our tips to how you can get the best from email marketing.

Send at the right time

There are many different opinions on when to send an email, we reckon the best time is to deliver it when someone is in a position to read it. If you provide a B2B service then deliver it just before 9am on a weekday (other than Monday) or sometime early pm, if you are B2C try and deliver it when the recipient is not at work, like early evening – work out what is best for you.

Use a professional mailing solution

There are many solutions out there, we recommend Mailchimp as it’s cost-effective, can integrate into websites and the metrics are easy to use and comprehend. 3rd party solutions are compliant to data protection laws and enable you to keep clean lists. They can be integrated into your website too to make data capture and retention seamless.

Grab their attention

We receive so much junk these days that it’s easy to discard mail that you may have requested and would probably enjoy. The first stage is the subject line, choose one that asks a question or entices a reaction, include your company name and if you can do some split testing on different combinations to find what works for your list.

Give them a taster

You messages should be short and punchy, include a menu if you are covering various different points and don’t give the full story. The data you gain will be relevant if you give the recipient a reason to click, preferably to your website. Being brief also suits most readers who prefer to skim content.


Email marketing’s still the most cost-effective form of digital marketing and is here to stay.

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