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What is AB Testing?

AB testing compares two different versions of a web page and splits traffic evenly between the two to see which version performs better.

The ability to pit different variables against each other, such as the colour, size or placement of a call-to-action button provides invaluable insight into user behaviour and allows you to implement the winning variation as needed. AB testing improves user engagement, lowers website bounce rate and ultimately drives users to convert.

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Google Analytics data

Our approach to AB testing

We work through a comprehensive Google Analytics audit checklist to gain an overall picture of how traffic is interacting with your website, social media channel or app, and how it's performing against your business goals as a result. We'll then provide key insights and make considered recommendations based on our findings.

Our approach

Site Audit

This is where we truly get to know your business, your goals and how we can improve your current marketing processes. We use tools like Google Analytics to find pages that aren't reaching their potential, for instance, maybe they're driving high amounts of traffic but not converting due to a high drop-off or abandonment rate. Our team review page structure to assess how design could be improved and compare this with successful competitor pages.


We use data from your initial consultation to find the goals to test for your landing pages. Your goals can be anything from more contact button clicks through to a key service or product or email newsletter sign-up. Identifying goals for your marketing campaign will help us to streamline your AB testing strategy for maximum impact.

Hypothesis Creation

Once our AB testing experts have identified the goals we want a landing page or product page to achieve, we generate ideas on which page element or variable we want to test and how we think both will perform in front of the target audience. Whether it's changing the colour of a call-to-action button or tweaking copy and headline placement, we will implement the changes and put the hypothesis to the test.

The Experiment

Once we've established our goals and a hypothesis, our team will execute the testing and monitor of the live test. We work closely with our in-house studio team to design the different variants of the test, allowing for efficient on-going optimisation if needed.

Analysis & Reporting

We use the data we collect from the test to put the winning variation into action and report on any other actionable or valuable insights we've gained from the test. Regular and comprehensive reports are an important part of AB testing. We provide clear feedback on the performance of our AB testing so you can see exactly which actions we've taken and the subsequent impact on your conversion rate optimisation. We use data visualisation for transparent interpretation of results and to help inform your future strategies.

How Can AB Testing Benefit Your Business?

AB Testing Benefits

AB testing capitalises on the traffic you're already driving to your website. It refines the web pages your traffic lands on and drives them to convert, bringing multiple benefits to not only your business, but to your user too.

Improve User Experience

AB testing refines the web pages your traffic lands on which improves the overall user experience. Clean design that aligns with your brand and your values combined with a site that is easy to navigate contributes to positive brand awareness and encourages future interaction with your site. We can test power words, image placement and much, much more.

Page Optimisation

AB testing is an effective way to optimise your pages and nurture them to perform to their full potential. The integrity of the landing page must communicate key points to customers quickly, meet their needs and drive them to take action. AB testing provides a valuable opportunity to report on engagement and its impact on ROI through ongoing page optimisation.

Data-Driven Goals

We deploy different types of split testing and multivariate testing to identify which of the two versions of the same web page are the most effective at driving traffic to a specific goal. We assess the statistical significance of these test results and collect reliable data that allows you to confidently invest in future marketing campaigns.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

While AB testing provides an invaluable opportunity to find which elements of the page prove most effective at engaging users, it also creates a process of continuous improvement that can quickly identify any issues that may prevent your user from converting. It maximises the current traffic being driven to your website and drives them to convert by creating a clean layout that is easy to navigate, combined with powerful copy and imagery. For instance, if only about half your traffic engages with a key landing page before leaving, AB testing can increase your chance of clicks on a call to action, rather than leaving.

Why choose us as your AB testing agency?

Our data-led CRO team are specialists in AB testing. Whether you want to drive users to a booking form or to click through to a product page, we ensure that every element of your page is designed to engage and achieve your goal.

Our award-winning AB testing agency is comprised of an array of talent with skills covering data science, web development and user experience (UX) design. We have everything we need under one roof to collect data, test the outcome of the theory and create a successful, data-driven AB testing campaign.

As your AB testing agency, every decision we make is based on the data we collect and how it can be used in alignment with your business objectives. Once we have that data, we constantly monitor, anaylse and refine our strategy for maximum impact.

We are the Integrated Conversion Agency and won Best Integrated Agency at the Northern Digital Awards 2022. We have a proven track record of helping businesses grow with our industry-leading digital marketing strategies.

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