what-makes-a-good-appIt is no secret that in the modern age of technology, one of the most effective ways for companies to engage with customers is through releasing their own app. With 86% of consumer’s time on the mobile web spent using apps, you can see why apps offer a quick and easy way for businesses to engage with their customers and improve their mobile presence. There are many benefits in owning an app, but there are also many things to take into consideration...

The app industry is ever expanding and therefore, by creating a company app, you are entering a market with a lot of potential new customers to reach. If you can create an app for your company that offers consumers a solution to a problem, a fun way to pass some time, or a practical service then you will gain the attention of consumers who are far more likely to engage with your business.

Although a good app can bring all of these benefits to your business, a bad app can also hugely harm your business’s relationship with your customers, your brand image and the overall success of your business online. It is therefore crucial that you take into consideration a number of factors when designing an app. Check out our 4 key pointers below:

Keep it simple

  • Due to the ever increasing volume of material available to consumers on their mobile devices, they rarely spend long periods of time constricted to one application. This means that any app that you create must get the user straight into the desired function of the app, otherwise they will lose interest. Keeping your app simple will also streamline the users experience and make brand messages far easier to absorb

Keep it updated

  • Despite the low cost of apps, consumers still demand that any app they download will remain fresh for an extended period of time. If you do not regularly update your company’s app, it will fall behind your competitors efforts and out of favour with your customers

Strong branding

  • It’s all well and good creating an imaginative, fun and absorbing app for consumers, but if they do not relate this to your company, you will reap no benefits. The use of your company’s logo, colour scheme or slogan throughout the app will ensure that users will tie the positive experience they had with the app to your wider company

Appropriate content

  • For some companies, the content of their app will somewhat decide itself. If you run a retail business, then your app will likely contain an extension of your online retail platforms. However, don’t let your content become too constricted. Consumers are constantly looking for unique apps and so, if you can create this, demand for your offering will soar.

Maybe it’s time you considered an app to better engage with your customers?


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