Mastering the art of digital account management

Strategies evolve rapidly in digital marketing, and client expectations are continually on the rise, writes LEWIS HANNAH.

That means that the role of a Marketing Account Manager extends pretty far beyond just executing campaigns.

It's about being the voice of the client within the agency, constantly advocating for their success. The intricacies of managing client relationships demand a strategic approach, and this is where the importance of call reports and account plans becomes evident.


The significance of call reports

Call reports are more than just post-conversation documentation, they are assets that can be used to make strategic decisions. Call reports can serve as a historical record, providing a roadmap of the client's journey with the agency.

Transparency is crucial in building strong client relationships. Regularly sharing call reports ensures that the team, both internally and externally, are informed about the progress of campaigns and ongoing strategies.

They become a valuable reference point, allowing account managers to track the evolution of strategies and ensure alignment with the client's ever-changing needs.


Crafting account plans as strategic roadmaps

Account plans are blueprints for client success. Crafting an effective account plan requires a granular understanding of the client's business, industry trends and the competitive landscape.

At Ascensor, account plans go beyond campaign details, providing a view of the client's objectives, KPIs and digital strategies that will drive conversions over time.

Account plans act as a guide for the entire team, fostering alignment towards a goal, whether it’s attainable daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

They ensure that each campaign contributes to the overall success of the client, transforming daily tasks into strategic moves that advance both client goals and the agency’s reputation.


Driving conversions through client services

In digital marketing, success is measured by conversions. Being effective in client services requires strategic thinking, proactive communication and a commitment to delivering results.

The success of clients becomes a direct reflection of the effectiveness of the services provided.

In essence, these tools become the go-to for account managers to ensure continued success.

It’s crucial to recognise the significance of call reports and account plans in order to create a successful strategy.

It’s about embracing transparency, strategic thinking and having a client-centric approach to not only meet but surpass client expectations.

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