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User Journey Optimisation

User journey optimisation is the process of improving how a visitor interacts with your website. Your site isn't just there to look pretty. It needs to fulfil customer needs while providing a seamless end-to-end experience that encourages the customer to take action. We make your website work harder for you.

We make your website work harder for you. Whether you want to drive traffic to a key product or service, we help your customers to convert with user journey optimisation.

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Why Choose Ascensor

Our talented team of data scientists and digital marketers know a thing or two about driving conversions. We're known as the Integrated Conversion Agency and were awarded Integrated Agency of the Year 2022 at the Northern Digital Awards. Everything we do for your business is focused on your return on investment (ROI) to help you reach your business goals.

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Our Approach To User Journey Optimisation

Customer Journey Mapping

We know that the user journey is rarely A-B. This is why we get to truly understand your business processes and put ourselves in your clients' shoes with a customer journey map. The steps a user takes before they convert are called touchpoints, and there are usually multiple touchpoints before they make a purchase.

Too many steps and a user will leave your site. Too few and it's likely your user hasn't found relevant information to engage with. Our team analyse these pain points of your existing customer's journey to understand the relationship between steps and make data-driven recommendations on how to simplify the journey and meet the visitor's intent.

Mobile & Desktop Optimisation

One in four site visitors abandon a site that takes more than four seconds to load. Recent research suggests that 46% of visitors won't return to a site where they experienced poor performance. It's vital that your website is speedy, responsive and easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. We test your site's performance and identify optimisation opportunities to keep customer journeys frustration-free. Ultimately, great customer satisfaction will generate more leads and conversions.


Heat mapping gives us an invaluable insight into customer behaviour once they click through to your site. We can see how users interact with your site in real time so we can assess the typical customer journey and optimise accordingly to minimise pain points and inform future decisions. This customer feedback is a valuable way to optimise the overall customer journey.

A/B Testing

A/B testing gives us the opportunity to test two versions of a webpage or a page element to determine which performs better. We can test anything from different layout designs to call to action placement and alternative copy to measure which is most effective in driving users to your end goal.

Our Approach To User Journey Optimisation

User-Friendly Design

Our digital marketing team liaise with our user experience (UX) design team to ensure that your page layout is easy to navigate and also conveys your brand values. A simple user interface is not only crucial for navigation, but it helps to build brand loyalty too. A customer journey should be clean, with minimal distractions to keep the user engaged and gently nudge them towards call-to-action buttons.

Copywriting and Calls To Action

Copy (the text on your website) has a huge influence on how users interact with your page. If your existing customers aren't engaging with your copy, it's unlikely they'll follow the flow of the page and take action. We ensure pages establish a unique selling proposition (USP) and that key information is summarised in bite-sized chunks, with the option for users to delve into more detailed information later on. We craft powerful calls to action to encourage users to make that all-important purchase or contact form submission.

Google Analytics & Behaviour Tracking Set-Up

Google Analytics is a powerful tool at our disposal that measures the traffic visiting your website and how they interact once there. We can gather useful information on demographics and customer persona, average session duration, which pages are performing well and where traffic is visiting your site from. We make sure that tracking is implemented correctly and collecting accurate data to inform future user journey optimisation.


Reporting is vital for you to see how users interact each month and to observe the impact of any customer journey optimisation that we implement. We create custom reports that detail the entire customer journey, from acquisition across multiple channels to customer interaction on site.

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