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PPC account audits

It’s not enough to simply set up some PPC ads, put money in your account and hope for the best.

The success of a pay-per-click campaign depends on recurring, comprehensive audits to make sure you're maximising efficiency across your Google Ads accounts.

If you’re not seeing the performance and ROI that you want, Ascensor's PPC audit process will boost the success of your pay-per-click campaigns and enhance your conversion rates.

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- What is a PPC account audit?

A PPC account audit is an analysis of your ads and PPC strategy as a whole to determine if they can be further optimised to get a better return on your investment.

We'll look at ad performance, the cost of your ad campaigns, ad copy, ad extensions and individual search ads.

Some of the most common problems we come across when conducting a PPC audit include ads that are targeted in the wrong location, keywords that are too broad or irrelevant, landing pages with poor UX, bidding wars and ads served at times when your business is closed or unable to respond.

Whether done periodically or after a period of performance issues, there's never a bad time for a Google Ads account audit.

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What's included in a PPC audit?

Account structure

Ascensor's PPC account audits ensure that your campaign designations follow a logical naming structure, so you can provide greater transparency should a handover need to take place. The same is true for the names of your ad groups, where it's vital to ensure that the target keyword focus is clearly identifiable in the ad group name.

As well as the important aesthetic elements, we focus on the functional aspects that are tailor-made for you, allowing you to showcase your products and services on a secure, engaging, professional site.


We'll review your key terms and assess whether they need to be modified with broad, phrase and exact match terms. Negative keywords - which are applied to PPC campaigns to block your ads from appearing in search queries that include them - will also be evaluated.

We'll check that your brand keywords are used in a separate campaign to non-branded keywords and are driving traffic to landing pages that are thematically relevant to the campaign's goal.

Ad and landing page copy

Our PPC copywriting specialists will go through your ads and landing pages with a fine tooth comb and ensure that they all follow ad copy best practice.

We'll find which ones have the lowest click-through rate or quality score, check that keywords appear the optimal number of times, copy is customised to fit the ad group theme and there are clear CTAs in the PPC ad copy.


This one's key - we'll assess whether you are using your budget effectively, digging deep into your campaigns to uncover inefficiencies and potential missed opportunities.

Also included in a PPC audit?

Location, network and device targeting

We'll check the networks that the campaigns are appearing on, to ensure they only either run on the search network or the display network and not on both. We'll also make sure you are targeting your ideal locations, and on the right devices for your potential customers.

Bidding strategy

We'll analyse your data to assess how performance differs across different areas, including device, time of day, day of the week and location to see how your bids can best be managed. Your bidding strategy needs to be closely monitored to find the optimal option for you. And we also recognise that your option might change regularly.

Conversion Tracking

Ensuring that all appropriate accounts are linked to maximise data intelligence and conversion insights is vital to your PPC success - as is ensuring that only relevant goals are imported from Google Analytics or set up from within Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.

Ad scheduling

We know the prime conversion and transaction times and will review precisely which ad scheduling is best for your campaign.

What are the benefits of a PPC audit?

Put simply, PPC audits ensure that every part of your PPC campaign is optimally configured. PPC audits are the easiest way to spot any inconsistencies affecting your campaign, so we can correct problems and ensure that your target audience is finding your products and services easily, and converting without difficulty. Audits also help prevent your money being wasted. Many businesses spend their marketing budget on ineffective PPC campaigns without realising, as they're not taking the time to see how their campaigns are performing.

Why us?

Why choose Ascensor?

Our industry-leading PPC audit team are a results-driven, ROI-focused bunch who are here to help you achieve your business goals.

We won Integrated Agency of the Year 2022 at the Northern Digital Awards and draw on the expertise of those around us. Our experts are on hand to refine ideas and troubleshoot any issues.

Ascensor's specialist team takes an agile approach to PPC audits. We use a dynamic blend of granular, strategic and detailed techniques to identify the best way to drive results and increase conversions for your business.

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