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Google Analytics Audits

What you get out of your Google Analytics account depends on the quality of data that's going in. If accurate data is collected, you'll gain high-quality, actionable insights.

Our experts carry out regular audits that identify issues in your setup, monitor traffic trends and analyse website performance, allowing us to make valuable recommendations on how to make accurate, data-led decisions with confidence and expertise.

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Our Analytics Audit Services

We work through a comprehensive Google Analytics audit checklist to gain an overall picture of how traffic is interacting with your website, social media channel or app, and how it's performing against your business goals as a result. We'll then provide key insights and make considered recommendations based on our findings. Our Google Analytics audit includes:

Our Analytics Audit Services

Google Analytics Setup and Implementation

Analytics audits will look different depending on the size and purpose of your website. However, one of the main goals is to ensure the set-up is correct in order to confirm data integrity. Our data wizards check your account is implemented properly to ensure the right data is being captured and that you can derive valuable insights from it. From basic profile settings to data collection compliance, we make sure you have a strong foundation from which to collect accurate and insightful data. For instance, we ensure that all IP addresses that visit your site for auditing are filtered from reporting view.

Analytics Integrations

Correct integration with other Google applications is vital in the managing and maintenance of collecting and tracking your data. We check and facilitate the implementation of integrations such as Google Search Console, Google Ads and most importantly, Google Tag Manager, which is responsible for implementing tracking codes and feeding back tracking information to your Analytics platform. We will identify any missing tracking code and set up cross-domain tracking to ensure your page is able to report data to Analytics.

Goal Tracking

Setting goals to track in Analytics is an important way of measuring the performance of your website objectives. We make sure you are tracking the right goals for your business, and that tracking codes are set up properly on your web pages to help us evaluate conversion rates. We ensure url query parameters are set up correctly to make customer journey tracking more effective.

Event tracking helps us assess visitor behaviour on-site, including average duration session, your top-performing pages and visitor drop-off.

Ecommerce Tracking

If you have an Ecommerce site, we ensure you have Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking set up so you can track revenue, monitor product sales, track transaction trends and much more. Our experts guarantee precise Google Analytics tracking code implementation to track data accurately. This also allows us to observe and compare past trends in revenue and sales which can be used to forecast and inform future marketing decisions.

Data Insights and Reporting

Reporting on data insights is a valuable way to see how your website is performing and how users are interacting with each page. We drill down into demographics and interest reports to analyse trends in audience behaviour on-site and break this down by gender and age group. We highlight these key metrics to inform and support future campaign or strategy planning.

From there we can dig deeper and see the device types used to access your site, search tracking, new users vs returning customers and how long each visitor spends on site. We can generate custom Google Analytics reports to assess performance against your goals.

On-Going Health Checks

You need to be able to trust your data, and a regular Google Analytics health check will keep your data fresh so you can easily identify trends and changes. Any website change can impact your data and a health check helps to monitor channel performance and the traffic visiting your site. We look for anything out of the ordinary, such as a spike in bot traffic or visitors from outside your target locations, and these can be excluded where necessary to keep your data clean and accurate.

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ISO certified

Ascensor is one of only a handful of digital agencies in Leeds to achieve ISO 27001 certification, ensuring the highest standards for website and data security. ISO 27001 accreditation gives our clients assurances that data is processed securely across all our departments, from website design development to digital marketing and accounts. We’ve completely ingrained ISO 27001 methodology across the entire digital agency, from physical building access control security through to delivery of services.

We pride ourselves on world-class information security - and we can prove it to our clients. Our certification guarantees that when you come to us, you're working with a web design and development agency that offers optimal site security. This means your users can have peace of mind when sharing their personal and banking data with your site.

ISO Certified

Make Confident, Data-Driven Decisions With Our Google Analytics Audits

  • A Google Analytics audit gives you confidence in your data, reducing the risk of issues and the need for costly fixes down the line.
  • Gain valuable insights into user behaviour and site performance.
  • Monitor, track and analyse traffic data.
  • Improve the conversion rate of your chosen goals with our insights and recommendations.
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Why choose Ascensor?

Our industry-leading team help businesses across the UK to drive online conversions, grow their business and reach their goals. Our wealth of experience and knowledge delivers outstanding results for clients, and we're proud to carry out comprehensive and intuitive analytics audits to complement our paid and organic marketing services. What are you waiting for?