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Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

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Bathrooms Direct Yorkshire

We found the PPC & SEO hacks that others miss to deliver exceptional ROI for Bathrooms Direct. Read our case study here.

Why use Google Ads?

Google Ads can be a quick and easy way to increase your brand awareness for your product or service using the relevant keywords.

Google Ads can be a quick and easy way to increase your brand awareness for your product or service using the relevant keywords.

Get in Touch Put simply, Google Ads are the paid-for advertisements that appear in search engine results. Google Search Ads appear as an ‘ad’ when someone searches for a term on Google, while Shopping ads appear in Google Shopping after users search for a product.

Using Google Ads greatly increases your reach, meaning your ad is more likely to be seen by your audience before they find your competitors.

As Google Ads are based on keywords, the chance of your audience seeing your ad and being interested is greater than with social media advertising. This means that your audience will have a much greater intent on clicking your ad and seeing exactly what you have to offer.

Whether your budget is £5 a day or £500 a day, Google Ads allows you to have full control over your budget and campaigns, so you can adjust or pause at any time.

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Our Google Ads services

Ad creation

With such a wealth of experience, our PPC team are on hand to guide you through setting up Google Ads accounts and campaigns and helping you decide the best type of ads for your business. We'll explore what ads you may have run previously, carry out keyword research and competitor analysis to establish your expected ROI and cost per click, so our data scientists can create a full forecast. We'll work collaboratively to create your paid search ads so you have full control over their appearance and text before they go live.

During the scoping phase, we'll put together a forecast based on your keywords and give you a clear indication of the number of clicks you're likely to receive from running a Google Ads campaign at different budget points.

Ad optimisation

With Google Ads, regular optimisation is absolutely key. Ensuring that your ad copy is performing well, and your images and videos are on point, means that your cost per click drops, saving you money in the long term.

Google Ads account optimisation also includes competitor research to assess what your competitors are doing with their ads and investigating which key terms they are targeting, so you can start bidding on them too.

Ad management

The hard work doesn’t stop once the ads are up and running – they then need to be monitored closely to check that there are no significant changes to your campaign.

These changes could include a sudden change in cost per click (CPC) or updating assets such as images and videos if they become outdated or are not performing well. Our Google Ads management services team are on hand to spot any changes as soon as they happen, maintaining, increasing and optimising your ROI.

Google Shopping

Many of our Ecommerce clients have successful Google Shopping campaigns to promote their products on Google thanks to our talented PPC team.

By pulling the product feed directly from your e-commerce store, we can then use your feed to create your Google Merchant Centre. Once the data feed is within Google Merchant Centre, we can then create your Google Shopping ads campaign using the product details, prices and product images.

Our Google Ads services


Everyone has experienced those ads that follow you around the internet once you've browsed a particular website.

These are known as retargeting or remarketing ads, they are designed to reappear after you have already clicked on an ad, as the conversion rate for seeing an ad for a second time is considerably higher. Retargeting Ads work in every type of Google Ad and even work on Paid Social ads.


Ascensor’s copywriters will assist in writing the perfect words to explain and sell your business in your Google Ads.

Our team have years of experience working with myriad tones of voice, allowing us to write fluidly with the personality of your business. With a limit on characters in your Google Ads campaign text, Ascensor's copywriters will be concise yet informative to give your ads the best chance of converting against your competitors.


Our team collate a regular report which includes stats for the month and comparisons to previous months.

This provides you with a comprehensive insight into what work the team have been working on and are planning to do for the month ahead as well as key stats for your Google Ads including ROI and CPC.

As well as your report, your account manager will invite you to a monthly meeting to discuss the report with you which will also include key members of our PPC team to explain your stats clearly to you.

Landing Page Optimisation

Our integrated digital marketing team are always trying to find ways to improve our clients’ websites and landing pages. The landing pages that your ads lead to have a vital impact on whether those ads convert or not - so their effectiveness is crucial in determining how successful your campaign is.

Thankfully at Ascensor, we have PPC and CRO teams that work in tandem to ensure your campaign brings you great return on investment from both an ad and a website perspective.

Why choose Ascensor for your Google Ads campaigns?

Ascensor are an award-winning full-service PPC agency based in Leeds, and our talented team includes some of the best in the business.

We'll look at which type of Google Ads will work best for your business and create the right content, for the right target audience, on the right budget, at the right time.

Our PPC agency and Paid Social team is seamlessly integrated with our SEO, social media, CRO and copywriting experts to maximise the impact of the exposure we generate through online advertising.

Whether your goal is to generate leads and sales, promote a new product, or put your business in pole position with expert thought leadership, you’ll be working with an experienced reputable Google ads agency committed to growing your business through positive Google Ads campaigns.

We trust Ascensor

We needed to increase our brand awareness, that’s why we trust Ascensor with our social media management! Thank you.

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