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What is remarketing?

Have you ever visited a website then an ad for the same company or product you viewed seems to follow you around as you browse online? You've been remarketed...

Remarketing agencies help to boost your brand awareness and establish a valuable relationship with your potential customers and is usually carried out as part of a PPC or paid social media strategy.

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Why use remarketing?

This digital marketing strategy is popular for a reason. When set up correctly, it's an effective way to target users already in your sales funnel and drive a high return on investment. Remarketing keeps your brand at the forefront of a customer's mind and entices them back to make that all-important purchase or conversion.

Remarketing lets you customise your display ads campaign for those who have previously visited your site or used apps. They can be customised with copy and imagery related to the to engage your target audience. Discover how our remarketing team uses remarketing techniques to increase your return on investment:

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Our Remarketing Services

Google Display

Where your ads appear on Google depends on who they're targeted toward, and the type of ads you create. Google Display Network (GDN) is comprised of millions of sites and apps (including Google properties like Gmail and YouTube), and places your display ad in the most contextually relevant location, alongside related content and your target audience, depending on your needs. We ensure your Google display ad is set up to reach the right audience, at the right time for maximum impact.


Users typically spend at least 33 minutes each day scrolling through Facebook, providing a perfect opportunity to reach your target audience with Facebook ads and advertise to those who have already visited your shop or app. We implement tracking code and tailor these ads for maximum engagement and our team ensures your spend is reaching audiences who already know you.


LinkedIn ads allow you to target users in the world's largest professional network. We define and build your target audience and then add it to your remarketing campaign. We choose the right ad format for you and pair this with the right timing to nurture leads and encourage them to convert. Linkedin remarketing campaigns are an effective way to connect with audiences you'd like to do business with - more conversions can help to attract more customers and build your brand awareness.


Unleash the power of the world's fastest-growing platform with TikTok remarketing ads. Particularly effective at capturing a younger target audience, this social media phenomenon has insanely high engagement rates and provides a great opportunity to get your remarketing ads in front of a brand-hungry target audience. TikTok is well known for driving trends and acting as a discovery platform for brands and products. We ensure that a well-placed and creative TikTok ad will increase visibility for particular products or services and capitalise on the latest trends.

What We Do

What We Do

We specialise in a wealth of remarketing strategies to create successful campaigns for a range of clients with targeted ads that produce a high return on investment.

Audience Definition and Setup

Audience definition is the foundation of a successful remarketing campaign. Our team pinpoint specific audiences based on multiple factors such as their recent purchase intent, how recently they've interacted with your business or reach new users with similar interests. We ensure that your remarketing ad campaign has accurate tracking and pixel implementation to collect accurate data and clear privacy policy updates to keep ads compliant with data security and GDPR.

Bespoke Remarketing Strategy

We produce different types of remarketing ads for different sites and audiences. Whether it's a page-specific ad or a dynamic product feed and you want to capture lost traffic who've abandoned carts or made multiple page visits without a purchase, we maximise your reach by targeting audiences on the edge of conversion with powerful, personalised ads.

Ad Copy

Our PPC experts, along with our talented in-house copywriters, craft engaging ad copy to encourage a higher click-through rate on your ads. More clicks can lead to a higher return on investment, while well-written, well-formatted copy conveys your brand and drives traffic with effective calls to action. We create, proof and refine copy that drives conversions for your business.

Why Choose Ascensor?

We are the integrated conversion agency and were awarded Integrated Agency of the Year 2022 at the Northern Digital Awards. Our industry-leading team are a results-driven, ROI-focused bunch who will help you achieve your business goals. As an integrated agency, we draw on the expertise of those around us and our teams are on hand to collaborate, troubleshoot and work together to produce excellent results for our clients.

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