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Work with a conversion-focused Google Shopping agency

Getting your business in front of customers is key, and Google Shopping allows your products to be highly visible as customers search, compare and buy online.

Do you want to unlock the potential of Google Shopping? We're a certified Google Shopping agency focused on increasing conversions and committed to delivering maximum return on investment for your business.

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Grow your business with our Google Shopping services

Google Shopping requires more than simply uploading a product feed and waiting for sales to spike. As a certified Google Shopping agency, we've got years of experience creating and implementing high-performing shopping campaigns. We understand the integral role data plays in any Google Shopping campaign and spend your budget wisely using budget management to obtain the highest possible performance and return on ad spend (ROAS). Google Shopping campaigns can work in tandem with Display, YouTube or Facebook ads to help hit your overall KPIs.

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Get incredible Google Shopping ads results

Boost brand awareness

Ascensor are experts in building Google Shopping campaigns that help you achieve a wide range of results, from generating more sales to boosting your brand awareness. The more customers see your products in their ad feeds, the more likely they are to build positive associations with your brand, and your products. This increases the chance of customers clicking on to your ads, making a purchase or returning to your website in the future.

Showcase your products

Whether your customers are on a mobile device, tablet or desktop, Google Shopping puts your products in front of people who are actively searching for them. Not only are Google shopping ads placed at the stop of search results, but they are also visually appealing with an image and a basic product description, thus performing much better than regular text ads. We optimise your Google Shopping product data to engage new customers and boost your click-through-rate.

Generate more sales

Our Google Shopping experts can transform your business. We maximise the ability to optimise for highly targeted keywords related to colour, brand and product type to reach customers who have already done their research and are poised to make a purchase. Successful ads have the potential to boost sales and provide a strong return on your ad spend. By maximising relevant insights and researching your target market to shape and make informed decisions, we work hard to deliver valuable campaigns across the Google Shopping network that drive your business forward.

Create a great user experience

From your initial search to final checkout, it’s important to plan ahead, create a clear road map and identify any opportunities that aim to create a more customer-friendly experience on Google Shopping. We regularly review your ads and campaigns to identify further opportunities based on latest performance data so that users can find the right product and make a purchase with ease.

If you want to acquire more customers, increase conversions and generate more sales, we're the Google Shopping management agency for you.

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Our services maximise every penny of your Google Shopping campaign budget

From prioritising your most valuable products when calculating your budget to completing comprehensive product and audience analysis, Ascensor work alongside you to achieve your goals. When managed correctly, Google Shopping should be a guaranteed platform on which to improve your sales.

Here are some of the services our specialist Google Shopping agency experts use to bring you great results:

Google shopping services

Google Shopping setup and management

Our campaign management service focuses on improving the ROI of your shopping campaigns through intelligent bidding, data-driven targeting and user modelling. You’ll be working with a dedicated team of Google Ecommerce experts who will liaise with you on a regular basis to discuss performance and share strategies and campaign improvement ideas.

And before we create any campaign, we’ll make sure Google Shopping is the right platform for your business and set out sales expectations.

Google Merchant Centre setup and management

Google Merchant Centre allows you to upload your product listings to Google Shopping and make them available to shoppers across the platform. We can help you with everything from setting up a merchant centre to dealing with disapprovals and warnings.

Having someone else handle this important aspect of campaign setup and performance on your behalf ensures that your Google ads appear correctly and receive the most impressions that are possible.

Shopping feed optimisation

Any successful Google Shopping campaign starts with optimising your product feed to help you get a better return on your ad spend. Our sophisticated software and a team of expert Google Shopping Agency analysts will work with you to ensure that your product feed is constantly optimised for maximum results. We track every sale and look at historical conversion data and new prospects' intent to optimise the campaign even further.

Ascensor monitor and adjust your Google Shopping campaigns on a regular basis, using advanced optimisation techniques to ensure increased visibility and efficient budget allocation.


Everything we do is backed up by detailed weekly and monthly reporting, so you always know what results you’re getting and how we’re improving your Google Shopping account. Using our detailed reports, we ensure everything we do is tracked, monitored and altered in response to the information we generate.

Want to know how our Google Shopping agency services can drive rapid ROI?

Google Shopping has the potential to showcase your products to millions of potential buyers, and you can promote your products to the users that matter the most – the ones searching for them.

Our Google Shopping campaigns and marketing strategies take your business to the next level.

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