After completing the first month of the 3 months of SEO won by Copiserv at our Wakefield exhibition in April, we’ve got some awesome results to report:

Search TermGoogle Position+/-
Colour Copiers Wakefield
Desktop Printers Wakefield
Service Agreements Wakefield
1, 2
Photocopiers Wakefield
Copiers Yorkshire
Office Equipment Yorkshire
Photocopier Leasing Wakefield
Office Equipment Wakefield
Photocopier Rental

Our SEO team have achieved 8 top 10 results in just 4 weeks, including 4 number 1’s, and 2 other positions inside the top 30. With all SEO campaigns localised terms are less competitive than generic terms and so early success is expected. A top 30 position for ‘desk top printers’ is very satisfying within such a short space of time.

Our SEO methods taking into account all recent updates are delivering real results for our clients, all of whom see search engine progress every month of their campaigns.

Gareth from Copiserv was over the moon with the results saying “These search engine results match our goal of building the Copiserv brand across the region, very very happy!”

We are giving away another 3 months of SEO at the end of June 2012 following our Bradford exhibition as part of the Yorkshire Business Conferences. The entries from the Great British Business Show, the Calderdale Business Conference and the Bradford exhibition will be combined and another lucky winner will be drawn.

With results like this wouldn’t your website benefit from the Ascensor SEO service?

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