Real businesses, real results. A year of massive gains for our SEO clients

In a year that saw the rise of generative AI tools, a surge in voice search and Google’s ongoing prioritisation of helpful content and user experience, there was one thing that remained the same for Ascensor: our relentless focus on delivering impactful SEO strategies for our clients. 

In the rapidly evolving world of SEO, we jumped on the latest updates and trends, drawing on our experience to produce outstanding results for businesses across a host of industries. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of just some of the outstanding results our SEO team achieved for clients over the past year.

YESSS Electrical

YESSS Electrical are the UK’s fastest-growing electrical wholesalers for trade and public, with over 95 stores nationwide. They offer a full range of support services including EV, industrial, security and lighting, with each division having a team of specialists within their industry.

YESSS approached us to grow their online sales, with a focus on B2C customer acquisition and retaining both B2C and B2B customers whilst nurturing a seamless user experience. 

What we did

Our SEO team launched a comprehensive strategy to raise online search visibility by targeting keywords focused on relevant product categories with high levels of search volume. 

Comprehensive keyword research and sales data analysis paved the way for a regular programme of content creation and optimisation that would answer customer questions and encourage clicks, engagement, and conversions.

We also set out to restructure the site’s categories to both enhance user experience and combat duplicate content in a bid to prevent ranking volatility for our target keyword rankings.  

The results

Did we help YESSS acquire converting traffic?! YESSS we did! Since we started work we’ve attained multiple new top 10 keyword rankings for the company’s high-performing products, leading to a 115% increase in transactions and 77% increase in revenue.

Overall, organic sessions are up 7% so far – and we can’t wait to see how our impact progresses in the coming year!

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HQ Dental

As the UK’s largest combined dental practice and laboratory, HQ Dental are pioneers of the exclusive ‘sameday denture’ service and are renowned for their advanced cosmetic and restorative treatments. 

While already well established in the dental industry, it was our mission to increase organic traffic to pages within their patient services category and for Leeds-related keywords to drive local users into the practice. 

What we did

We created a host of new service pages and optimised existing ones for relevant keywords to spread the word about their award-winning services and boost their keyword rankings up the search results.

Each page was tailored to convert, ensuring users were provided with useful information and seamless navigation from initial landing page click-through to contact form enquiry. 

The results

We raised organic traffic by a dazzling 121% (YoY). Form submissions were up 179% YoY with key online conversions up 24%. There was a 63% increase in click-to-call conversions from the website too, which certainly helped to keep HQ busy! 

Our SEO work resulted in increases across all of their target keywords since July 2021, with several first-page rankings recorded.

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Leon & Co

Leon & Company are chartered accountants providing audit, accountancy, financial and taxation expertise to a wide variety of small-medium sized businesses and their owners throughout Yorkshire and the North of England.

When Leon and Company reached out to us they were eager to share their wealth of expertise with a wider online audience and attract new clients through organic reach. 

What we did

In order to rank Leon & Company’s services in local search results, we carried out extensive keyword research to determine which services they had the potential to rank for.

By highlighting the company’s expertise, experience and personal service in new and existing pages, we created content that fostered trust, built rapport and made making an enquiry a seamless experience.

The results

Our SEO efforts propelled Leon & Company to the top of local search results, achieving #1 for ‘chartered accountants’ and ‘accountants Leeds’, an outstanding achievement for a small business.

They now hold 4 #1 positions for their key accounting services in Leeds, as well as 15 top 10 positions targeting specific sectors, all of which has transformed their online presence and drives relevant prospects to the site. 

UK traffic is up a staggering 93% with form submissions from organic traffic, up three-fold in the past year. 

Yorkshire Laser 

Yorkshire Laser are one of the UK’s leading metal fabrication and laser companies. Their expertise spans multiple sectors including automotive, food manufacturing and telecommunications, working with some of the UK’s top companies including aerospace and defence.

As a proud Yorkshire business, it was time to raise their profile and attract local clients to their services online. 

What we did

Ascensor worked closely with their team to categorise each core service by the most popular products and the different sectors they serve. 

We consolidated our research with keyword research to create a content plan that would target relevant local users who were searching for metal and laser cutting services.

Over the coming year, we got to work creating new service pages and updating existing ones to focus on driving leads to make an enquiry. This required creating content that was engaging, informative and encouraged users to request an online quote via calls or form submissions. 

The results

UK organic traffic increased by an impressive 106% (YoY) thanks to Yorkshire Laser’s improvement in key ranking positions. The local traffic now being driven to the website consists of highly relevant leads on the edge of conversion, looking for laser cutting and fabrication services. Subsequently, form submissions are up 153% - a fantastic result for the company. 

Melissa Salons

Melissa Salons are a multi-award winning hairdresser in Manchester city centre. Since opening their doors in 2016 the salon has gained a loyal following and won major awards for cut, colour and customer care, but it was time to take their business to the next level.

When Ascensor joined forces with Melissa, we developed an SEO strategy that would sky-rocket their reach across Manchester and translate online conversions into in-person appointments.  

What we did

We crafted clear, engaging content that highlights the benefits of each service and promotes the team’s expertise and created a smooth user journey that directed prospective clients to book an appointment.

The content focused on core salon services as well as specific service offerings, reaching out to clients who would benefit from the salon’s inclusive approach to hair styling. Over the next year we regularly re-optimised content to boost rankings and maintain a competitive edge.    

The results

Our SEO campaign launched Melissa Salons to the top of local SERPs, resulting in 19 new #1 keyword rankings and 37 new top 10 rankings for their respective services. Organic traffic is up 77% YoY - and there was a stunning 80% increase in appointment bookings.

The independent salon now competes with (and usually outranks) UK-wide hairdressing brands vying for the search engine top spots.

Want to know how Ascensor’s incredible SEO team can help your business? Get in touch! 

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