Not wanting to count our chickens, blow our own trumpet or any other catch-phrase… but, the signs look better than good for the winners of our 3 months of SEO competition drawn at the Wakefield Business Conference last month.

With any new SEO campaign, where high quality white hat practices are employed, early progress is often enjoyed before the results stabilise. Often with our SEO Demystified campaigns, results leap forwards quickly, before falling back slightly and then progressing steadily to the top.

After researching the market and liaising with Copiserv, content was produced and work began. Early work has been done on micro blog posting, web 2.0 account creation and directory submissions and we have seen a great response from the search engines to this.

Even though it is very early days, the results achieved so far are worth reporting:

Keyphrase Started Current Direction Change
Service agreements Wakefield 69 1   68
Colour Copiers Wakefield 97 2   95
Photocopier leasing Wakefield 1000 2   998
Photocopiers Wakefield (2) (2)   0
Copiers Yorkshire 197 4   193
Service agreements 1000 5   995
desktop printers Wakefield 1000 13   987
Office Equipment Wakefield 89 15   74
Desk top printers 1000 20   980
Office Equipment Yorkshire 1000 57   943
Managed Print Services > 1,000 > 1,000   0
Photocopier leasing > 1,000 > 1,000   0
Photocopier rental > 1,000 > 1,000   0

() Indicates Google Places We’ll provide full final positions at the end of the first month in a couple of weeks, but the early results look very encouraging indeed.

If you want to enter to win the next 3 months of SEO giveaway then visit:

The Great British Business Show, London, 17th and 18th May 2012 (Stand 848)

The Calderdale Business Conference, 25th May (details in visitor bags)

The Bradford Business Conference, 28th June (Stand TBA) 

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