As a digital agency in Leeds, you might say that we're biased... but we truly believe that Leeds is the best city - especially for businesses.

To prove this, we've researched and put together seven facts you might not have known about Leeds!

1. Most Instagrammed Region

Okay... so this isn't technically just Leeds but as the "capital of Yorkshire" we thought this one shows just how instagrammable God's Own County is.

According to research conducted by premiumtours.co.uk, after looking at hashtags and photos on Instagram; Yorkshire came out on top as the most instagrammed region. Which is no surprise to us Yorkshire folk, as who can resist a photo in the heather of the North York Moors? Or down the crooked streets of The Shambles in York?

2. Largest Financial City Outside of London

Many of the biggest names in the financial and legal sectors have their headquarters within Leeds, including First Direct, Leeds Building Society and Yorkshire Bank. These decisions follow the growth of Leeds' growing reputation as the largest legal and financial centre in the UK, outside of London.

Over the next ten years, Leeds' economy is forecast to increase by 25%, with financial and business services on track to generate over half of GVA (Gross Value Added) over that period.

Finance and business services will account for 28% of total output. This really shows the success of businesses within Leeds and how great this city is for growing your business.

Source: Economy of Leeds (Wikipedia)

3. Birthplace of Marks & Spencer's

If you're a true Leodensian (yes, it's a word!) then you'll probably have spent lots of time at the Kirkgate Market. But did you know that a Kirkgate Market stall back in 1884 was where household favourite Marks & Spencer's was born?

Founder, Michael Marks, started the business with a 6ft x 4ft trestle table in the market which was open for just two days a week. Fast forward to 2020, Marks & Spencer currently have 1,463 stores across 57 countries! 

4. One of the Best Cities to Visit in the UK

Yes, WE know that Leeds is one of the best cities in the UK, but now it has been clarified by a prestigious tour guide so that people outside of Leeds know too. 

Travel blog Big Seven recently announced the  25 best UK destinations to visit in 2020 and our very own city of Leeds was placed in eighth. Losing out to Manchester in top spot (boo!) but placed above vibrant Brighton and historic York, Leeds is noted for its industrial past and 'heaps of culture'.

5. Leeds United Led Replica Shirt Sales

As a Leeds United digital partner (and having many fans amongst our team) it's only right for us to include a LUFC fact!

Nowadays, it's the norm to have a sea of fans wearing a replica shirt of their favourite team's strip. 

However back in the 1950s when football shirts were first properly produced, they were typically aimed at children and weren't official.

As fashion made the shift towards leisurewear and sportswear, this encouraged more and more adults to wear football shirts, as they had in their childhood.

Then in 1974, it was Don Revie's Leeds United who worked with the Admiral brand to have their shirt copyrighted, and the rest is history.

6. The Invention of Fizzy Drinks

If you aren't familiar with Joseph Priestley, he was a fellow Leeds man who was born in Birstall, just down the road from our previous offices!

Priestley was an extremely important scientific figure as he is credited with the discovery of oxygen as well as helping with the invention of fizzy drinks.

So it's fair to say that these are pretty vital discoveries, right?

Back in 1767, Priestley invented carbonated water by infusing water with carbon dioxide, which ultimately resulted in the fizzy beverages we all know today.

This process was then used and developed by J. J Schweppe, to start the brand of Schweppes.

7. World's First Moving Picture

The global film industry was worth $136 billion in 2018, but did you know that the very first origins for moving pictures can be traced to right here in Leeds?

The very first 'true' motion picture is noted to have been created by Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers, however, the world's oldest surviving film is actually believed to have been shot by somebody else. French inventor, Louis Le Prince is credited with shooting the very first short, silent film at Oakwood Grange in Roundhay!

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