What is the UK’s favourite lockdown takeaway?

We've recently conducted some research to find out the answer to the question we've often wondered… What is the UK’s favourite lockdown takeaway?

With many of the UK’s favourite restaurants and fast food outlets closed for the majority of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that UK takeaway sales are currently booming. To find the UK's favourite lockdown indulgence, we examined search trends since lockdown began, looking at data for curry, pizza, Chinese, fried chicken and burger takeaways.

No real surprise, but pizza is the UK’s lockdown takeaway of choice and the favourite in each UK nation and city. Achieving 59% of the total takeaway searches in Northern Ireland, 57% in England, 52% in Wales and 48% in Scotland. With the total pizza searches spiking on the 28th March, the weekend after lockdown was announced. 

So, where do the biggest pizza fans live?

To narrow this down further, we examined the takeaway searches for each UK city to find out where the biggest pizza fans live. Out of the total takeaway related searches, it was the residents of Leeds who proved to the biggest pizza lovers in lockdown. With a whopping 66.5% of Leeds residents opting for the cheesy treat. Followed closely by Coventry at 66% and Sheffield at 64%.

Once we’d found the UK’s biggest pizza fan base, next we examined searches for the takeaway brand of choice, looking at search data for Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. And at 73.35% of total pizza takeaway searches, the UK’s clear lockdown pizza brand of choice was Dominos. And yet again, we saw searches spikes surge on the 28th March. 

But what is the UK's favourite Domino's order?

So we’ve found the UK’s favourite lockdown takeaway, but what exactly have we all been ordering from Dominos? Well we examined search data for Domino’s selection of classic pizzas to discover the UK’s favourite pizza. And at a huge 73% of the searches, it turns out the majority of us have been ordering the Domino’s Texas BBQ pizza. With Tangy BBQ sauce, smoky bacon, chicken breast strips and topped with onions and peppers, it’s the takeaway treat we haven’t been able to resist either!

The Mighty Meaty came in at 2nd place, with 12% of the searches. Followed by the Hot & Spicy at 7%, the Original Cheese & Tomato at 5% and the Pepperoni Passion at 3%. Surprisingly we found no searches for the Veggie Supreme. 

So, does this ring true with you and your lockdown takeaway trends?

Data source: Google Trends, June 2020

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