So you’ve created your shiny new website and loaded it up with high quality content and all the information people need to find your business, but people just aren’t visiting! All that time and effort you have put in is reaping no reward. So what do you do? The answer is a strong SEO campaign alongside high quality content marketing.

No matter how well designed your site is, if consumers cannot find it online, it will provide little or no benefit to your business. With around 115 billion searches per month on Google, the search engine giant holds the key to improving the chances of your site being found and increasing your online traffic. Through a well thought out, targeted SEO campaign, you can ensure that your site is found before your competitors.

With 75% of users never scrolling past the first page of results and 60% of all organic clicks going to the organic top 3 search results, your position within Google’s search results can make or break your online strategy. If you design your SEO campaign to target keywords that are appropriate to your business but also achievable in terms of their competitiveness, you can ensure a quick return on investment and an instant improvement to your search position. Establishing what your competitors are ranking for should also come into your strategy but you should always prioritise keywords that your potential and existing customers are most likely to search.

However, for your SEO strategy to prove beneficial, you first need to make sure that the content on your site is of a high enough quality. By creating keyword rich, high quality content you allow your SEO strategy to take effect and move your site higher in Google’s rankings. The removal of any low quality content from your site will make Google see your site in a better light and you will be less likely to be punished as new updates to their search algorithms are released. In essence, to create content that allows your SEO strategy to work, it needs to be natural and well written whilst remaining focused around what you want your site to be found for when people search on Google.

By structuring your SEO campaigns and content marketing strategies so that they complement one another, you are far more likely to improve your presence in Google’s search results and keep one step ahead of your competitors. A well structured, integrated strategy will bring together the content on your site and make it far easier for potential customers to find you.

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