Did you know that 65% of people globally are regular Google users…?


Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world, with 15.8% of the search market.

But everything indicates that a change is afoot, with Microsoft recently making significant efforts to grow the use of the Bing search engine. Statistics indicate that already in the USA Bing is now being used by 30% of searchers.

Bing Search Engine

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and Microsoft bought LinkedIn which is already a huge search engine but will likely integrate with Bing search. A free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 was made available and by May 2016, it was running on 300 million active devices around the world – All Microsoft desktop searches in 10 are using Bing.

Because Bing is now more accessible, searches on this platform are likely to rise. If you are a website owner we think it is important that your website is geared up to benefit from the subtle differences between Google and Microsoft’s ranking criteria.

Why Bing vs. Google?

  • Bing’s video search is more effective as it gives you a grid of large thumbnails that you can click on to either play or preview
  • Bing often results in twice as many autocomplete suggestions compared to Google
  • Bing is able to predict when airfares are about to increase or decrease if you are searching for flights
  • Bing has a feature where you can type in linkfromdomain: [site name] and it will highlight the best ranked outgoing links from that site. This will help you to identify which other sites your site links to the most.

Ultimately… You can strengthen your position on a search engine results page by satisfying the criteria of more than one search engine. Get in touch with Ascensor today to see how we can help you to optimise your search engine effectiveness across all platforms.

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