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The Challenge

Leon & Company are Leeds-based chartered accountants providing audit, accountancy, financial and taxation expertise to a wide variety of small and medium-sized businesses across the North of England.

Founded in 1976, the practice has developed an exceptional local reputation thanks to a bricks-and-mortar presence in the city and word-of-mouth referrals.

When Leon and Company reached out to us they were eager to share their wealth of expertise with a wider online audience and attract new clients through organic reach. 

We immediately identified a huge potential for growth with SEO.   

Our team formulated a campaign designed to both solidify and grow their already stellar reputation and cement them firmly in local search results. 

The aim:

  • To rank Leon & Company’s services in local search results 

  • Drive organic traffic to their site and generate new enquiries

  • To optimise new and existing website content

What We Did

What We Did

We carried out extensive keyword research to determine which of their services Leon & Company’s site could rank for in local search results.

Our research included assessing monthly search volume against SERP competition, relevancy and of course, location. 

A menu restructure and expanding additional service sections allowed us to both optimise for and promote the accountants’ specialism in assisting landlords with property taxes in the buy-to-let sector, as well as tech businesses in the digital marketing and innovation sectors.

Content creation and optimisation was vital for the ongoing success of the SEO campaign.

By highlighting the company’s expertise, experience and personal service in new and existing pages, we created content that fostered trust, built rapport and made making an enquiry a seamless experience. 

Bolstered by a strong internal linking structure and a continuous programme of re-optimisation based on competitor performance and the latest SEO trends, rankings began to gain traction and organic traffic visibility began to rise.


Our SEO efforts have led to a 93% increase in UK organic traffic and propelled Leon & Company to the top of local search results, achieving number one positions for ‘chartered accountants’ and ‘accountants Leeds’ - an outstanding achievement for a small business.

They now hold four number one rankings for their key accounting services in Leeds, as well as 15 top 10 positions targeting specific sectors, all of which has transformed their online presence and drives relevant prospects to the site.

The practice now comfortably ranks top in a space usually reserved for larger companies with a long-established online presence.

A laser-focused strategy from the SEO team combined with engaging and informative content from our copywriters proved a powerful force that allowed Leon & Company to compete, and thrive, in a competitive market. 

The company’s visibility growth resulted in an impressive 257% increase in online enquiries across their accounting service offering.

Their improved ranking performance led to enquiries from local businesses via form submissions, phone calls and emails, providing a long-term stream of valuable leads and expansion of their existing client base. 

What Leon and Co said…

The Ascensor team are so easy to work with and the ongoing SEO campaign has really paid off. 

High positions in the search rankings translate directly into business for us, and it means we’re able to reach the right clients across the region and grow the business.

Ascensor contact us regularly with suggestions and ideas on ways to improve our website, including new pages targeting key target clients, and this shows in our results. Regular weekly and monthly reporting really helps with communication and they always respond quickly when we make contact. Thanks for all your hard work.

Darren Stone, Partner, Leon and Company Chartered Accountants

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