Can Marketers Learn from Boxing Promoters?

“I would box him if the opportunity arose.”

Conan.. it all started on Conan, on a late-night chat show. Conor McGregor was being interviewed by the host and in classic his style, Conor said that he would punch Mayweather if he ever got the chance.

Well, this weekend, Conor ‘the Notorious’ McGregor is going to get that chance, as he steps into the ring with the undefeated, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. The bout, which will see boxing's biggest star take on the UFC's biggest draw, has seemed at times to transcend the boxing world into mainstream media. But what can us marketers learn from this whole fiasco? 

Using Social Media to build suspense

Following the Conan show, the fighters started to exchange social media posts. This led their followers and fans to begin speculating; could it happen? Is it happening? Please just let it happen!? After fines, community service and slanging matches, the fight finally got announced and it gained between the two fighters over 600,000 retweets and over 750,000 likes.

This is an example of the power of social media and its ability to create a huge engagement amongst target audiences. By teasing new products and services on Social Media, you can gauge how well they will be received and start to build an expectant audience.

Giving a behind the scenes insight with live streaming

As these boxers are getting the sense beaten out of them, the promoters seem to be becoming smarter and smarter as digital marketing has made content significantly more accessible. The introduction of live streaming on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat means that all the action is captured and served to us so we can devour every second.

Sharing live events with your audience can make them feel more connected to your company or industry. The key here is not just showing the event, but also letting users be a part of it.

Creating a Fear of Missing Out

With this fight, everyone’s become a boxing pundit… and in this case, a UFC pundit. The fans seem to be as passionate as the fighters, if not more so. There has been a sell-out international press tour to promote the superfight. The rivals appeared together at the Staples Center in LA, before going on to the Sony Performance Arts Centre in Toronto, Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Wembley’s SSE Arena in London. These were glitzy affairs. They added to value to the events, leaving audiences on and offline wondering what has been left in the bag for the main event.

Now I am not suggesting that you should turn up to your next trade event in a Rolls Royce wearing a Gucci Mink coat, throwing £50 notes at your competitors. However, I do suggest adding value by creating a lasting experience for your potential customers.


Whether on Sunday morning you will be tucked up in bed and couldn’t careless or like me you’ll be at Leeds Festival watching it on the big screen in the Alternative tent. We can all learn something from potentially the highest revenue generating boxing match in the world.

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