Responding to significant changes in the digital world and following months of planning, Ascensor are today launching an exciting new division of the business.

Ascensor Elevate has been created to help companies and brands stay at the top of the search rankings after Google announced important algorithm updates.

The tech giant’s 'Flora Plio' update means that local searches will now return results based primarily on the height that firms are situated above ground level. 

That means from this morning, businesses located on the tops of hills or in tall buildings will appear on the first page of search engine results pages.

In essence, the higher you are, the higher your site will rank.

A new platform for growth

The consequences of the 'Flora Plio' algorithm change will be far-reaching for all online businesses - and Ascensor Elevate has been founded to help them take advantage of the new opportunities it presents.

The new Elevate team assess a firm’s unique circumstances and conduct a thorough search for new high-altitude premises that will guarantee great ranking results. Once the ideal spot has been located Ascensor Elevate will take care of the entire moving process with minimum hassle, boosting SEO results instantly and allowing for seamless business continuity. 

Heading up the new Elevate team are management duo Philip Rankster and Joe King, both of whom are recognised experts in the business-property-at-altitude sector.

MD Andrew Firth said: “Since its foundation in 2007 Ascensor has been at the cutting edge of technological development and today, April 1, marks another landmark moment in our journey.

“The launch of Ascensor Elevate means that we can continue to serve our clients and keep them at the top of the search engine rankings. I’d like to welcome Phillip and Joe to the Ascensor team and we have high ambitions for Elevate’s success.

“Thankfully we live and work in an area blessed with many tall city centre towers and the rolling hills of the Dales and Pennines are on our doorstep, so there’s ample opportunity for businesses to thrive in new lofty locations.”

Ascensor Elevate will be launched simultaneously at 12pm today, with joint ceremonies at the top of Bridgewater Place in Leeds and at the summit of Pen-y-Ghent.

For more information on Ascensor Elevate just email [email protected] or call us on 0113 831 4400.

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