Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust – “Corporate Santa” Campaign

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust is the only charity in the UK that focuses specifically on funding medical research that looks into cancers affecting teenagers and young adults. Typically research into cancer affecting 13-24 year olds has been greatly under-funded, the trust aims to change that and has funded many research projects in hope that doctors will better understand Cancers affecting young people and will therefore have a better chance of curing the disease. The Trust also aims to improve the quality of life for young cancer patients during and after their illness, much support is offered to hospitals across the UK who are treating teenage cancer patients. Over the Christmas period they aim to buy and deliver presents to all of the young cancer patients in the 43 hospitals they are involved with.

Ascensor are getting involved in the “Corporate Santa” campaign, in which we will be raising money to “fuel Santa’s sleigh”. This campaign raises money to make sure that every young cancer sufferer staying in hospital over the Christmas period gets their Christmas presents wrapped and on time! Our team will be taking part in a twelve hour Badmintonathon at our offices on the 18th December, we “rent” the court for an hour for a singles or doubles match. We have set up a badminton court in our adjoining warehouse and we’ve all discovered a secret love for the sport. All the money the team raise the company will match, for example if we raise £100 then Ascensor will also donate £100.

There are many ways you can get involved with helping the Trust by: donating money that can be used to fund research or help those suffering from cancer, becoming a volunteer and offering support to those in need, getting involved with fundraising events across the country or leaving a picture or message on the memory wall that could offer support to someone in need. As a business you are able to use a payroll giving system meaning donations will be made before tax so every pound you give will only cost you 80p or 60p depending on your tax band. For more details vist the Laura Crane Cancer Trust website here


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