My degree apprenticeship in digital marketing

My journey towards a degree in Digital Marketing at Leeds Trinity University has been a game-changer, especially through choosing the route of a degree apprenticeship with Ascensor, says LEWIS HANNAH.

The program not only provides a robust academic foundation but also offers invaluable real-world experiences.

In the second year of a three-year program, I find myself being able to blend my academic learning with practical insights gained from my current role as a Marketing Account Manager.


Mastering digital marketing through my degree apprenticeships

One of the many advantages of a digital marketing degree apprenticeship is the dual nature of the experience.

While pursuing my academic experience at Leeds Trinity, I’m simultaneously gaining hands-on experience at Ascensor. This means by the time I finish my degree, I will also have three years of invaluable experience in a marketing agency. The theory and practice has been instrumental in improving my marketing skills and preparing me for the world of digital marketing.


Application of classroom knowledge at Ascensor

The lessons learned at university seamlessly intertwine with my day-to-day challenges at Ascensor.

This has enabled me to not only understand the concepts in-depth but also apply them in real workplace scenarios, helping clients succeed.

From crafting content for social media and designing effective campaigns to analysing data for strategic decision-making to increase conversions, the apprenticeship structure ensures that every lesson has an impact on my work at Ascensor.


Mentorship and networking in digital marketing apprenticeships

Working at Ascensor has provided me with effective mentorship from experienced digital marketing professionals.

This guidance has been hugely beneficial in understanding the fundamentals of marketing, making the apprenticeship experience crucial for aspiring account managers.

Additionally, networking opportunities within the workplace and industry events have allowed me to build connections that extend beyond the classroom and workplace, creating a useful professional network within the digital marketing industry.


Developing skills

Digital marketing is multi-faceted, and in order to be a successful digital agency account manager, you need a diverse skillset.

The apprenticeship at Leeds Trinity and Ascensor ensures the development of the skills I need in order to excel in this role. From project management and client communication to data analysis and strategic planning, I’m acquiring the skills and experience that hopefully positions me as a well-rounded professional in the digital marketing landscape.


A seamless path to digital marketing sales

A notable advantage of the apprenticeship is its seamless transition into the realm of sales within digital marketing.

Digital Agency Account Managers often find themselves at the intersection of marketing strategy and sales execution.

The learning at Ascensor provides insights into the sales funnel, customer behaviour and effective communication – skills that are vital for success in any sales-oriented role.


Paving the way for success in digital marketing apprenticeships

As I continue to progress through my digital marketing apprenticeship and continue to contribute to the success of Ascensor, I am confident that this unique journey will pave the way for a rewarding career in Digital Agency Account Management and Sales. The blend of academic learning and practical experience not only prepares me for the challenges of the digital marketing landscape but also equips me with the skills and insights necessary to thrive in a competitive business environment.

The digital marketing apprenticeship model is a great route for anyone who wants to make a mark in the dynamic field of digital marketing, providing a pathway to becoming a successful Marketing Agency Account Manager and excelling in the sales aspect of the sector.

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